Montag, 22. September 2014

What's in my travel make-up and cosmetics bag

Hello everyone,

Sorry for being away for such a long time, my boyfriend visited me and we went traveling the whole time. I actually thought I could post from time to time while being n the road but sightseeing is a lot more work than you may think XD

Instead I thought I would show you what I brought with me. (I was gone for about 2 weeks but only staying at one place for a few days. So that's the condition under which I packed my bags)

So at first the stuff I put in the bigger bag: cleansers, toners, creams, shower gel, etc.

 I always tend to bring way more than I actually need. But you never know, right?! 

Some general stuff: a little hairbrush (I totally missed my normal hairbrush but it was too bulky to bring along), cotton pads, two face towels (actually not the best idea... I often had to put them in my bag when still wet because we had to leave for another place so they never really dried 100%), and a headband

buttermilk lemon shower gel, mango shower gel, green tea shower gel (all from german drugstores) and the Schwarzkopf essence uptime omega repair shampoo and conditioner.
I definitely packed too much shower gel... but better too much than not enough, right? "^^
The shampoo and conditioner I bought because the small sizes were good for traveling. The smell of those is fantastic but I think I'll stay with an silicon-free shampoo and Pantene pro-v conditioner

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and contacts... nothing special XD

Masks ( by HolikaHolika, lululun and 100 yen store), samples (from thefaceshop), eye makeup remover pads (from balea), nail polish remover pads (from aveo)
The masks and samples were definitely too much. Half of it would have been enough. The eye makeup remover pads are a nice idea and convenient for traveling but those didn't really remove my waterproof mascara, which sucked. The nail polish remover pads are awesome for traveling, I love them!!

Cleansing oil from Hadalabo (review here), AHA + BHA facewash from Hadalabo (review here) and rice and green tea facewash form Florenz
Just filled my normal products in smaller bottles.

Wonderpore Toner from Etude House, Moisturizing Lotion by Hadalabo, coconut oil, self-made lip scrub, cure aqua gel
I was really happy that I had the coconut oil with me since the eye makeup remover pads didn't work too well, I could get off my eye makeup with this.

Vitamin C serum sample from it's skin, milky lotion from Hadalabo, Whitening Lotion from Hadalabo, Eyecream from Balea and enzyme peeling from Balea
Didn't use the sample or the peeling but was happy I had the other stuff with me.

Now onto my makeup bag.... way too much stuff in there XD

Nail care and polishes. When I look at this picture now, I truly think I'm crazy. Next time I will only take about two colors with me.

Storm eyeshadow palette by Sleek, eyeshadow quad from the 100 Yen store, eyeshadow base from p2, eyeliner by Dollywink, Mascara by Manhattan and Heroine Make, eyeliner by Dollywink, kohl eyeliner by catrice, eyeshadow by etude house and thefaceshop
I was insanely thankful for having brought the sleek palette. It's such a versatile palette and I just love it. Could have left the eyeshadow quad at home though....

Lip mask from the 100 Yen store, mirror from the 100 Yen store, tweezers, nail file and various brushes

 sample from it's skin, sunscreen from innisfree, bb cream from Tony Moly, foundation from Kiko, Primer from maybelline, primer sample from missha, bb cream sample from it's skin, powder from Manhattan, concealer from p2 and Manhattan, bronzing powder from essence and blush from p2
Didn't use the samples except for the sunscreen one and I only used the foundation for one day (wedding of my friend) but layering the bb cream would probably have been enough.

Lip products from etude house, canmake, skinfood and catrice
Way too much. Since we did sightseeing most of the time the two stay-on balm rouges from canmake would have been enough.

As always, I packed more than I actually needed. I'm already trying to limit myself but next time I will take as less full-size products with me as possible and instead of a bunch of products that I may use I'll pack my good hairbrush.

I hope you liked that post and from now on I'll hopefully post regularly again~

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