Freitag, 4. März 2016

[Empties] #15

Hi pandas,

How are you doing? Can you believe it, another month is already over again. It just feels like yesterday that 2016 started and here we are, 1/6 is already over again. I feel like saying this in almost every post but where the hell is time going to? Sometimes I wish I could just yell "stoooop" and slow down. Well, enough of my more or less philosophical thoughts, here are the empties for February:

8x4 Deo: I had that one in my purse and it was nice to have for when I wanted to fresh up during the day. I'm currently using one from a Japanese brand but since this is only for the purpose of getting a refresh on the go it doesn't really matter which one I use.

Kose Deep Cleansing Oil: This is a favourite of many in the AB community. I really liked it as well (review here), it is a good cleansing oil for a rather cheap price. I'm currently using one from Too Cool For School, since I got that in a lucky bag but I'll probably go back to the Kose one.

Tonymoly I'm Real Rice Smoother Toner: I'm so happy this is finally empty. Bought this on a whim when I was running low on my toner before that but this had alcohol and wasn't really a good toner. I'm trying to eliminate alcohol out of my skincare routine so never buying that again.

Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum: This is a very good AHA serum (review here). I'm now trying the Cosrx one for comparison but I would definitely recommend this one.

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist: This was really, really nice. It smells nice and fresh and felt nice on the skin. I will buy this again when I'm in Korea.

Silkott Cotton Pads: Bought them because they apparently won an award on @cosme. They had a spongey texture that was supposed to decrease the amount of product that gets soaked up by the cotton pad. I personally am not a fan of that, it felt like wiping your face with a wet sponge. I happily returned to my Muji cotton pads.

Japanese bathing salts: These are really nice. I bought a variety pack with "flavours" of famous onsens in Japan. They turn into milky colors and smell really nice.

Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer: This is apparently quite a famous product. For me it was way too yellow even though this is the lightest shade. Staying away from this.

Missha Borabit Science Activator Ampoule (?) Samples: I decided to try samples worth one month before commiting to the full product. I'm still in the testing phase but so far I'm not blown away. I may get the full size if I ever find it on sale...

Aaaaand the sheet mask for February:

Mediheal, Tosowoong, Puresmile and MBD are favourites and will be repurchased.
The illi one was nice and I'll look for them in Seoul. The Tonymoly Field Manual has a nice theme but nothing too special. The Tosowoong Aqua TokTok Mask was...interesting XD I first used it without thoroughly reading the manual so I don't really have an opinion yet. Too Cool For School Glam Rock looked really cool (there's a picture on my instagram "mrshobutt") so I may buy them again some time.
Rest was meh...


  1. I spy a Gudetama sheet mask! Love it. Is Gudetama printed on the mask? --Angela

    1. It is indeed XD One of the scariest masks ever lol