Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

[Empties] #18

Hi pandas,

Wow, this time I was really gone for a long while. What can I say, life has kept me busy pretty much 24/7 lately. Living situation is not really what I want/need right now, part-time job, my research for my thesis...well, enough for the excuses, I finally sat down and wrote a post. There has been quite a mass of empties floating around in my room so it's time for another empties post.

I apologize already for the picture quality. Taking good pictures in Japan with natural daylight in winter is a huuuge challenge and most of the time they turn out either oversaturated or blueish. I tried my best to fix it.

Sea Breeze Body Shampo: This was really nice in summer since it had a cooling effect on the body. I probably would buy it again next summer

Tsubaki Cooling Shampoo: I also had the Conditioner from this series but I threw away the bottle. This was a limited summer series which also had a cooling effect. It was allright at first but I grew pretty bored of the cooling sensation rather fast and it also started to feel almost uncomfortable as soon as it got a bit colder. I wouldn't buy it again.

Balea Trockenshampoo (dry shampoo): Japan sadly doesn't have dry shampoo (boo!) and so I always have to beg my friends in Germany to send me some XD This one is pretty good. 
Contact lense solution: pretty basic and would buy it again.

Panna Pompa Night Face Soap Moist: I didn't like this at all. Way too drying for my skin and I actually used it up as a hand soap. Not rebuying it.

Hada Labo Selffoaming Face Wash: The famous Hada Labo face wash. It is allright but nothing really to freak out over about so I'm currently testing other cleanser.

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask and Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask: The Rice one actually went bad and I had to toss it out. I really, really liked both and already ordered new ones.

Small mouth wash: carried this around and was allright.

Muji Sunscreen Lotion: I really, really liked this one during the summer. I bought it on a whim when I was at Muji and was pleasantly surprised. Dried to a rather natural finish but wasn't too rich for the warm weather. I will buy this again in summer.

Original Source Mange Shower Gel: Used this when I went to the gym. Was so disappointed that it didn't smell like Mango but rather like not available in Japan but I wouldn't buy it again anyways.

Anna Donna Gray Color Treatment: This was more fail than anything. I still bought a new tube and will try again now that my hair actually is a gray color already.

Mentrum the Sun UV Watery Milk: Another surprise favourite during summer. Dried a more natural/semi-matte finish and I will definitely buy it again next year.

AG Deo: Small deodorant for my purse. Was allright but nothing special.

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off: One of my favourite masks, already bought a new one.

Rexona Maximum Protection: I already talked about this million times, nothing left to say.

Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye and Spot Patch: Very meh, wouldn't buy it again.

Etude House Mineral Bottle Mist: Was okay but kinda heavy to carry around so not buying it again.

Rituals Ritual of Sakura Body Cream sample: I loooove Rituals products and this is no exception. Sadly they're not available in Japan so not buying it again.

Lactase tablets: I need this or my body dies whenever I eat dairy products.

Ettusais acne real fit concealer: Didn't like this at all. Finding a fitting concealer has been so hard in Japan, I wanna cry sometimes...

The Saem Hand Essence Cherry Blossom: This smelled sooo nice. I love these little hand essences and creams by The Saem. The design is so cute and they smell amazing.

Hanaka Macaron Facial Masks: They're cute but I don't really feel like they're actually doing something for my skin.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack: another one of my favourite sleeping packs. Already got a new one and I love that you can buy a smaller size.

IOPE Air Cushion XP in C21: I wanted to get the N21 refill when I was in Korea but accidentally picked up the C21 and for some reason the color doesn't fit me so I need to toss it. My heart is bleeding...

Wet Tissues from the 100 Yen store: perfect to keep in my drawer and so handy during putting on makeup or skincare.

Japanese Bath Salts: Taking baths is one of my favourite things about winter in Japan and these bath salts are so great. They color the water in milky shades and they smeel soooo nice.

Leg patches: I never knew I needed this but know I wouldn't want to miss them. These are gel patches that you can put on your legs and/or feet after a long day and they will cool your skin and help you relax. Especially nice when you've been walking around in heels the whole day.

And all the sheet masks.
Some favourites were the Leaders ones, My Scheming, I'm Sorry for my Skin, Lovemore, Beyond, L'herboflore, Tonymoly and Kracie ones. The rest was meh or allright.

And that's it. I hope I'll be able to put a few reviews soon, I actually do have a few nice and interesting products here that I already tested. Just need to find the time to sit down and type up the blog post :D

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