Montag, 10. August 2015

[Review] TonyMoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

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how is it going?

I wanted to write this review for such a long time but somehow I always felt like writing about other things. Now it's finally here:

Warning: contains pretty gross pictures of shedding skin on feet

What they say:
The foot peeling liquid removes foot calluses from rough feet fast and conveniently.
Ingredients such as AHA and BHA help remove excessive foot calluses, and peppermint extracts relieve stress from feet.


Couldn't find any, will look for them when I'm home again.

The contents of the package: "socks" for your feet, the peeling liquid and a foot cream. I like that they included a foot cream for aftercare. Makes me feel like they actually think about their customers and care about them.

My feet before using the peeling. As you can see I have quite some callused parts. Especially around the big toe and the heel. This is due to a malposition of my feet. No matter what I try to remove callused skin, it always comes back after a few days. While it's nothing tragic, I don't like it because neither does it look nice nor does it feel nice.
That's why I really wanted to try a foot peeling.

How to use: you put on those quite weird looking socks (they are plastic on the outside and have some cloth on the inside) and pour in the liquid. The liquid is cold so if you have sensitive feet, prepare for a little shock. Then you can fasten the socks at the top part. They were surprisingly comfortable. It does feel kind of strange because your feet will soak in liquid the whole time but it wasn't too bad. You can walk, although that feels really funny. You could theoretically lie down but I would advise sitting so the liquid can evenly work its magic on the whole foot.
The peeling liquid neither stung nor felt uncomfortable in any other way.
Then you leave the socks on for 1-2 hours. This is perfect for a lazy day off so you can relax, watch dramas, watch Animes, surf websites, write your blog (:p), etc.

After the waiting time you wash off any residue and rub the cream on your feet. At first I didn't see any changes.
The magic starts after a few days.

after 5 days
The peeling started after 4-5 days for me. At first it happened around the heel and the ball off the foot. It looked really weird, like my skin was cracking open (which it did).
One of the hardest things is that you are not supposed to peel off this loose skin. So you will have loose skin hanging off your feet. And I'm one of those people who will always peel off loose skin. It was really hard for me to resist this urge!

after 7 days
I timed the peeling pretty poorly. After about 6 days, I went to a convention, where I walked around the whole day. By then the skin was almost falling off.
The interesting thing is that the loose skin was hardening pretty fast in my case and I didn't have any weird gummy like parts hanging around.
I did feel like a snake XD

after 20 days
Once the shedding of skin stopped my feet did look quite nice and felt softer. Most of the callused parts were gone, which was my main goal.
The shedding lasted a bit longer for me than indicated on the package (2-3 days) but that was maybe because my feet were pretty callused to begin with.

I was very hay with the result. The calluses returned after a while but I was longer callus-free than with any other method.

I will definitely do another foot peeling. For now I purchased one from It's skin but I would definitely recommend the TonyMoly one.

Pros: was quite comfortable, removed most calluses, sample of foot cream

Cons: didn't remove all calluses

Overall: 4.5/5


  1. Your feet look really good after the peeling! I never take care of mine since I don't have any issues but I am really curious to try a foot peeling.

    1. Thank you for your comment =D
      I always neglect my feet but curiosity got the better of me and I tried the peeling. So glad I did! My feet did feel so smooth afterwards so I can only recommend it to you.

  2. wow! that looks really effective. I certainly have my lazy days when it comes to footcare so this looks really handy!

    1. Yes, it definitely was effective in my case! I tend to neglect my feet as well but this peeling is perfect because it doesn't recquire too much effort and works "on its own".

  3. wow! that looks really effective. I certainly have my lazy days when it comes to footcare so this looks really handy!