Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2014

[Empties] #05

Hello lovelies,

I can't believe another month is over and it's time for empties again. I'm so busy lately it really feels like time is flying "^^

Sorry, no picture of all the products together....I was busy with going to Munich for my GRE Test on sunday so I took those pictures in a hurry and forgot a picture of them all XD

Goatmilk Shower Gel - It was green, that was pretty cool. Otherwise it wasn't anything special. Also I got it from my mom so I have no idea where to buy it. Won't repurchase it.

Balea (German drugstore brand) Dusch-Lotion Beautiful Feelings (shower gel)- This was a limited edition so I bought two just in case XD It smells really cool and has a minty-turqoise color. Maybe I'll buy one more back-up (not that I already have 100 shower gels standing around....)

Balea Professional (German drugstore brand) Locken Shampoo - I have natural waves so I thought I could define them more with a shampoo for curls. But no, nothing happened. I won't buy it again.

Isana (German drugstore brand) Nagellack-Entferner (nail polish remover) - this remover performed really well but since my nails are in a bad condition I don't want to use removers with acetone in them anymore. I'm using an acetone-free one from a German discounter at the moment which is as good as this one so I won't buy it again. It smelled rather nice though - like almond blossoms ^^

Dove maximum protection - my favourite deo!!! I sweat a lot so I need a strong deodorant. This was perfect - applied it in the evening and was odorless the whole day. I could wear my shirts more than one day, even in summer (this was unthinkable before I used this deodorant). I'm currently using a similar one by Rexona which is also very good. I'll probably switch between those two brands just so my body won't get used to one product and it will stop working. Definitely repurchase it.

Balea Handcreme Papaya Buttermilch (handcream papaya buttermilk) - This handcream was okay. It was a bit runny so it didn't feel like giving enough care now that it's getting colder. Probably not buying it again.

Tonymoly My Little Pet Eye Patch - Isn't that a cute package? >___< They were gel-like pads. Sadly they didn't work any wonders on my dark circles. Not sure if I'll buy them again.

Tonymoly I'm Real Rice Sheet Mask Clear Skin - This mask was really good. I liked the smell, it was so pleasant and it fit my face pretty well. I'll see how the other types I have left perform but this could become my new favourite sheet mask. 

Choosy Lip Mask Milk - I bought this back when I was in Japan and finally used it. It's a gel-silicone-like sheet you put on your lips and it feels kinda weird but funny on your lips. This is a 100 Yen product so nothing much is expected from this mask. It's just a funny gimmick not a 100% serious cosmetic product in my opinion. Will maybe repurchase when I'm back in Japan.

Etude House I need you maks Bamboo & Tea Tree - They're not bad masks but I liked the one from Tonymoly better so I'm not sure if I would buy them again.

A bunch of samples from my korean cosmetics hauls and from my mom (clockwise starting on the far left):
Tonymoly Luminous Glow Aura CC Cream, Allgäuer Latschenkiefer Hornhaut Fußcreme (foot cream), Allgäuer Latschenkiefer Aktiv-Balsam Fußcreme (foot cream), Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Intensive Serum, Skinfood Black Pomegranate Filler, Skin79 Snail Nutrition Cream, Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion, Skinfood Water Berry Ampoule, Missha Geumseul Giyun Vitalizing Finisher
Except for the Tonymoly CC Cream (looks way better than the one I own) and the Missha Vitalizing Finisher nothing stood out for me. Sadly the Missha Geumseul series is quite pricey....but it smells so good >___<

Blistex Happy Lips Mango - God, I hated that stuff. First it was slimey and gooey on my lips and then it vanished so fast I always had the feeling of dry lips. I'm happy I'm done with it and won't ever buy it again.

P2 matte victim top coat - sadly this nailpolish went bad and I have to throw it out. I already got a new one though XD

BW gold glitter nailpolish - I loved the sizes of these nailpolishes so I bought 2 or 3 sets in Japan. Sadly this one went bad somehow and now I have to throw it out TT____TT

This was it for November empties. I hope I'll have time to seriously blog again soon.

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