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Top 3 beauty trends for 2015

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So, Beauteque asked bloggers on instagram to write something about what we think are the top 3 beauty trends for 2015 and I thought, why not, it sounds like fund =D

In case you don't know about beauteque, not only are they an online shop for Korean cosmetics but they also have an instagram with very nice staff on it ^^

1. Hydrogel masks

As most of you may know sheet masks are a staple in a Korean (or Asian) skincare routine and I'm pretty sure most people who have tried them will continue using and loving them.
But wait...there is a new player around now: hydrogel masks. They are believed to be a step-up from the cotton/fiber/pulp sheet masks.

 As you can see, the mask has a gel-like texture. They are called hydro-gel because multiple water-soluble ("hydro") layers of ingredients are blended until they form the consistency of a "gel".
Compared to sheet masks made of cotton/fiber/pulp hydrogel masks have the advantage of excellent absorption properties and will contour well the skin.
Now you might think that they must be expensive. But fear not, brands like Innisfree, Etude House or TonyMoly have hydrogel mask in their collection and they start from around 3 Dollars. Defintely more expensive than cotton sheet masks, that you can get for even under 1 Dollar, but hydrogel masks have advantages so why not treat your skin to something good?

2. Liquid lipsticks

This trend was already here in Germany in 2014 with various brands releasing a liquid lipstick product. And just in January of this year Etude House released their product named "Color in Liquid Lips".


A liquid lipstick is basically a product that has a glossy texture but highly pigmented. Making the product packaging actually like a normal lipstick seems to be pretty popular with companies.

And it seems like this trend has now hit Korea as well. Innisfree released a similar product with the name "Real fluid rouge" this year as well and I'm guessing the other popular Korean companies will follow soon.
I have a similar product from a French brand, which I really like. Liquid lipsticks make for a rather bold and statement look but are a lot of fun to wear. I'm looking forward to try out the Korean versions!!

3. Dark lips

The third trend I predict are dark lips. In Korean cosmetics I often encounterd light colors, gradient lips but rarely dark lips.
But I think this is to change (probably half of that thinking is wishful thinking...maybe XD)

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest
From time to time you actually can find K-pop stars of bloggers wear dark lips. So there is hope for all dark lip lovers!
Just a few days ago 4minute released their video for "Crazy" in which the girls look they're wearing pretty dark lipstick. And we all know that K-pop and Korean beauty are definitely related.

While it sometimes may seem like it's close to impossible to find dark lipsticks from Korean brands, there actually are quite a few products.

Source: testerkorea
Source: [Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips in RD306]
Source: [Innisfree Glossy Lip Lacquer]
I really hope this will become a real trend in 2015. Dark lips are so much fun and are definitely a statement look, that everyone should try. Why should K-pop idols be the only ones having fund with dark lipsticks? And after all make-up is a tool to create a new "self" and have fun slipping into different roles, "dark" shouldn't be an exception.

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