Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Mask Maven - Is it worth it?

Hey pandas,

how are you doing? The weather in Germany is being crazy. A few days it's super hot then it rains and cools down and this week-end it's supposed to be hot again. My skin is not really dealing well with it either...

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about a subscription service: Mask Maven

Mask Maven is a subscription service provided by Beauteque. Beauteque is an only shop with mostly Korean but also other Asian beauty products.
This year they launched a new subscription service: Mask Maven.
Other Korean/Asian beauty subscription services normally include various products but Mask Maven exclusively offers masks. Masks in all variations - sheets, wash-off, eyemasks, etc.

They are various plans: 15 Dollar from month to month, 15 Dollar (each bag) for a 3 months subscription, 14 Dollar (each bag) for a 6 months subscription and 13 Dollar (each bag) for a 1 year subscription.
However these prices exclude shipping and depending on where you live you have to pay between 3,95 and 9,95 for shipping.

There will be 9-11 masks in each bag.

Apart from the actual masks - packed in a very nice organza bag - you also get a paper explaining how to use the various mask types and a quote.
It is a very nice touch, especially the quotes were really nice.

Following pictures are of the first bag I received.

The three bags I received consisted mainly of sheet masks and always 1-2 "special masks".

The bag usually features a nice mixture of various masks from various brands and also various types. So far I got sheet masks, wash-off masks, nose/pore masks and cheek patches.

Price-wise it is okay. Comparing to the prices of Beauteque's official website the bag is definitely cheaper, compared to prices on other sides it's almost the same.

I was really happy to see some brands that I always wanted to try but never did, like My Beauty Diary, Leaders and Medicos-V. It is definitely a nice way to try out different brands without having to choose by yourself.

In general I was quite happy with the selection of masks that I got over the three months. Especially nice were My Beauty Diary, Hanaka, Leaders, Medicos-V and the special masks. But I also had some repetitions in just three month. For example I got the same mask (same flavour) twice in my first bag. And I also got the same Baroness mask I got in my first bag again in my third bag. It gave the impression to me that the actual assortment of different masks isn't that big for Mask Maven.
I also would have loved to see (more) "Indie" brand or unknown brands instead of mostly well-known brands.

But of course the good thing - being surprised by the choices the Beauteque staff made for you - can also be a bad thing. You never know if you'll probably get masks containing ingredients your skin doesn't like or - worse - get a break-out from.

In my case, I try to avoid alcohol in my skincare products. Sadly a lot of sheet masks contain alcohol. So naturally I received some sheet masks in Mask Maven that contained alcohol. I did use them but only unwillingly.

What's left after 3 bags:

I really did enjoy receiving various masks, the cards with the nice quotes, discovering new brands and finally being able to try out some masks that I always wanted to try. 
But since I'm rather picky with sheet masks (the no alcohol thing), there were no real surprises and instead some repetitions and the shipping costs to Germany are rather high, I decided to cancel my subscription after 3 bags.

If you are new to sheet masks, aren't picky concerning sheet masks or really like trying out new products and don't mind the shipping costs  I would say definitely give it a try!

All three cards.

Also, thanks to Beauteque for this subscription bag, it is a really nice idea!


  1. Oh I would love to hear how you like the Hanaka mask if you decide to try it. What is the deal with the weather? My skin is also really acting up with the scorching heat and the wind yet no humidity....

    1. The Hanaka mask was pretty nice. The material was cottony and felt really comfortable against the skin. There was also enough essence. I didn't see any outstanding effect after using it once but firstly it was a mask for elasticity and firmness and my face is already quite firm (at least I like to believe so XD) and I personally never really see any outstanding effects with any masks. But judging from the nice feeling while using it I would redommend them =D
      Here in south Germany it's a day is hot and I'm sweating without end and the next day it's rainy and humid...