Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

[Empties] #10

Hello pandas,

how are you doing?
Summer finally started here in Germany and everyone is melting. Strangely I'm doing fine with the heat this time (even though our aircon at work doesn't work properly); normally I'm the first one to suffer from the heat...

Anyways, another month has passed - can time slow down a bit?! It's all happening so fast - and it's time for another empties entry.

German drugstore eye contact solution - since it's been getting hotter I've been wearing my contacts more frequently. I don't have sun glasses with prescription and my eyes are quite sensitive to light so I like to wear contacts in summer so I can easily put on some sun glasses. So eye contact solution is a must-have!

German drugstore mouth wash - this was honestly not really good. Tasted too sweet. So happy I'm through with it!

Hansaplast foot deodorant - yes, this exists. And since I'm a sweaty person (I basically sweat everywhere and my feet are no exception) I thought I'd try out a foot deodorant since my feet are enclosed in shoes for quite a while at work. I'm not sure if it worked I'm also not sure if I'll buy it again.

German drugstore shower gel - this was a limited edition and smelled really good! But I still have quite a few shower gels that I want/need to use up before I leave...

German drugstore body lotion - this was an oil infused body lotion and really nice during the colder days. Towards the end it was quite hard to use it up because it was so heavy and the weather had gotten better. So glad it's gone now. Not repurchasing.

Udo Walz hair conditioner for shiny hair - I should have  known that this isn't for my hair. This is without silicones and since my hair is bleached and dry I need conditioners with silicones. Definitely not buying the full-size version.

German drugstore toothpaste - I. Hated. That! SO MUCH! It was a limited pink grapefruit edition. Why did I even think that pink grapefruit as toothpaste is a good idea?! Awful. Awful taste, awful feeling after brushing teeth, awful all around. Never ever buying it again!

Sebamed Reinigungsschaum - this is German "dupe" for the famous HadaLabo foaming cleanser. I really liked it and already bought a new one.

The FaceShop Rice Water Bright O2 Cleansing Foam - I bought this because it's one of the asian foaming cleansers with a low pH. I couldn't figure out how to use it properly (it needs to foam up on its own on your skin...) and so I just used it like a normal cleanser. It isn't too cheap so I settled for the Sebamed one.

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam Tomato - very high pH so I used it to clean my brushes. Not buying it again!

Mizon All in One Snail Cream - this was okay but nothing too overwhelming (review here). I like the gel cream from the same line a lot better so not repurchasing.

Vasilisa Little Secret Perfume - I bought this perfume in Japan so it holds quite a few memories. And the bottle is so pretty! Sadly it was quite inexpensive so the scent vanished after a few hours. Will maybe buy again when I'm in Japan.

Essence bronzer - bought this in Japan as well XD It was okay but for now I have another shading/bronzing product that I need to finish up.

Some brown eyeliner - brown eyeliner is not really my thing so I'm happy it's now gone.

Essence better than gel nails topcoat - my favourite topcoat. Sadly it thickens up quite quickly and it was time to throw this one away. Currently testing another topcoat.

Artdeco mascara - got this back at my old part-time job. It looks nasty and I have a few other mascaras lieing around so this goes into the trash as well.

Sheet masks!!!

Quite a few were from the Beauteque Mask Maven subscription.

The Tonymoly I'm Real ones are still a favourite and I will continue buying them.
From the rest only the Hanaka and Leaders masks are worth mentioning and I will probably look further into those two brands.
EcoPure was okay; the EtudeHouse and Baroness ones are forgettable

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