Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

I'M BACK!!! feat. the "holy sh** I'm back in Japan"-haul

Hi Pandas,

How are you doing? I have been away for a while but I have good excuses: we were visiting my relatives in France and just a few days after coming back I was already in the plane to Japan. Upon arriving a lot of procedures and applications and registrations waited for me. And it's still not over. I still need to adjust to my new univesity and my boyfriend decided that he doesn't wanna be my boyfriend anymore after living together for just 2 days. So I'm single again and apartment hunting on top of' still chaos basically.

But of course I also had quite a few chances to go shopping so far (Japan is insanely dangerous for my wallet...but who needs food if you can have pretty cosmetics, right. Right?...) and I thought, why not share that glory with you =D
(Please excuse the potato quality pictures)


I left quite a few cosmetics in Germany in favour of bringing presents, especially when I knew there were Japanese products that I liked better.

First is the Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner in Extra Moist. I love how this makes my hair feel. My hair is naturally quite dry and damaged from bleaching. I might add an oil or treatment soon but this already makes my hair feel better.

Shiseido Aqua Label Akne Lotion (Vitamin C). I chose this since I was looking for an Vitamin C treatment but I'm not really liking it and it smells strongly like alcohol. I bought the Melano CC Serum, let's see how they compare.

Tonymoly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence from Koreatown. One store was having a sale for Tonymoly products so I picked this up since I was looking at first essences quite for a while. I haven't tried it yet but I'm really looking forward to it.

HadaLabo Gokujyun Milky Lotion is my holy grail moisturizer (review here). Of course I had to pick it up.

Bifesta Eyemakup Remover. I used this before and it's really good, I can only recommend it (review here).

Placenta Eyecream that I only chose because it was among the cheaper eyecreams. So far no complaints.

The infamous HadaLabo self-foaming cleansing foam. I'm not overwhelmed by this product but it isn't bad either.


Shingeki No Kyojin could I possibly pass them?! Still waiting for the perfect time to try them.

During that Tonymoly sale in Koreatown I also picked up some masks from the I'm real line and Pureness 100 line. With them you get exactly what you pay for but I like them for days, when I don't feel like splurging but still want a mask.

A Japanese mask with Cherry Flower and Gold. I admit, I bought it because of the packaging. It looks really nice and would also make a cool souvenir.

Pure Smile Art Masks. I thought they looked fun but I'm not expecting a lot since Pure Smile is a quite cheap brand.

My Beauty Diary in Natto, Apple, Imperial's Birds Nest and Japanese Cherry Flower that I had to buy because of reasons. Already tried one of the Apple ones and they are quite nice. Looking forward to trying the rest.

Choosy Lip Masks in Milk and Fruit. They are more of a gimmick than really useful but so fun to use. And you can also put them on your nipples. If you would want that XD

On to the makeup!!

Sailor Moon Eyeliner. My inner child screamed with joy. Two are actually for my friend so yeah...I tried mine on the back of my hand and it actually works really well!

love switch Pink Brown Eyeliner. I chose the pencil form and I really like this one. The pink isn't too obvious but you can still tell that it's not true brown. It adds something special without being too much "in your face".

Integrate Eyeliner in Plum Red. This is a really nice, deep reddish plum color in liquid eyeliner form. I'm so looking forward to creating looks with it!!

Cat's face x Hello Kitty Lip Tint Water in Rasberry Red. This is really interesting. It looks like a felt tip liner but is for your lips. It doesn't tint your lips as much as some Korean products though. I still like it and it does look nice.

Ettusais pore smooth concealer. I needed a concealer and the canmake one was a fail. This one is light enough for my ghostly face and has a nice gel-like texture but the coverage is meh. Guess I'll have to go on looking for a concealer.

Visee Shimmer Rich Eyes in GR-6 and PK-4. Those palettes are so, so lovely. The texture is really smooth and the colors are gorgeous. They could be a pit more pigmented for my taste but this is just me being nitpicky...

Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel in 04 is a rather new product from Canmake. So far I've only used it on my lips and it was quite okay. This is canmake so you get cute products for a rather cheap price but not necessarily the best quality.

Canmake Color Change Eyebrow in 01. My eyebrows are naturally black while my hair is bleached a caramel blond. I like to use a tinted eyebrow gel to make the contrast less harsh. This one has an awesome color pay-off but can feel a bit stiff.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo is recommended by many so I bought it. It is a nice and good eyeliner but I feel the Sailor Moon eyeliner are bit blacker and I want my black eyeliner to be deep black.

Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer in 01. One should think that the lightest color for a concealer in Japan would be light enough for me. But nope, this makes parts of my face look like an oompah-loompah...I'm so frustrated and annoyed with this product...

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Film. I have made it my mission to test all the Heroine Make Mascaras lol This one is okay but I feel there could be my search will continue.

Cute Sailor Moon Hand Sanitizers from Demo. Demo has always super cute stuff and the apparently they like to collaborate with Disney. And one cannot have enough hand sanitizers, right?!

This was it for my first haul. But it definitely won't be the last XD
If you have any recommendations, requests or questions just comment~