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[Empties] #12

Hi pandas,

how are you doing?
Time is flying as always and another month is already over again. But that also means that it's time for an empties post =D

Sebamed Reinigungsschaum: This is a dupe for the HadaLabo self-foaming cleanser (thank you Sam for blogging about this!). This was really nice to use, although the scent was a bit strange. Since I will move out of Germany I won't be able to buy it again but I would definitely recommend it.

Etude House I'm Blooming Mist Green Tea: My first mist and a dear memory of Korea. The mist itself wasn't so great so I switched to the Innisfree Mineral Green Tea Mist.

Weleda Lavender Shower Gel: My mom had this flying  around and I decided to use it during one of my weekend-trips. Won't buy it again.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel: My first snail product and a really nice product. I think this is one of the most popular products in the Asian beauty community. I already repurchased a new one.

Rituals Eyemakeup Remover: I love Rituals products they all smell so nice!! This was okayish but didn't do too well with stubborn Japanese mascara so not buying it again.

Rexona Maximum Protection Deo: Still using this in conjunction with the Dove one since I feel very safe and dry with them. Will try to continue using it even when I'm in Japan.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask: I love clay masks and this one especially because it doesn't dry too stiff and doesn't feel uncomfortable while using it (review here). I'm currently using the super version since my T-zone can be oily. But if you have dry, sensitive or normal skin and just want an uncomplicated clay mask every now and then I can totally recommend it.

Maybelline Eyemakeup Remover: This is a popular eyemakeup remover among German beauty bloggers/youtubers so I decided to try it. I didn't really find it to be anything special and it also had its problem with Japanese mascara. Not buying it again.

Aveo nailpolish remover pads: Those pads are really practical for traveling since you don't need to bring nailpolish remover and extra cotton pads with you. They were a bit oily but I didn't mind. Can recommend them!

Balea special edition cream: This was a special edition smelling like cherry/cherry flower. The consistency was a bit thick and oily and I didn't really have any use for this cream (just bought it because of the scent...) so in the end half of it dried up.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum: Another popular Korean beauty product. I didn't like it too much - as you can read in my review here - especially because it contains alcohol and I try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Currently I'm eyeing the green tea serum/lotion/essence by Tosowoong so not gonna buy this again.

p2 Nail Oil: This didn't help my dry nails at all and it colored them orange!!! Neither recommending it nor buying it again...

p2 various nailpolishes: Those three all dried up and even though I tried to save them with nailpolish-thinner they are still dry and streaky. I don't even think those colors are still available...

Catrice Prime and Fine Powder: This powder was quite nice since it was translucent and very fine. I'm not sure if it was waterproof though. Would probably consider rebuying it if I stayed here.

Heroine Make Super Waterproof Mascara (long & curl): I adore Heroine Make Mascaras!!! I wrote a review about this one here. It is indeed super waterproof (therefore the trouble with the eyemakeup removers) and contains fibers. Will repurchase or try another one from Heroine Make.

essence eye primer: I got this years ago in a limited edition that also featured pigments. However this product doesn't seem to really work as an eye primer anymore so I'm throwing it out.

Two eyeliners from essence: They are both very hard and stiff and when I try to use them I tug on my skin. Since I own similar colors I'm throwing them out.

Canmake eyeliner (second from left): This one was really nice for the tearduct area. My only complaint is that the packaging looks like a refill and not like an actual liner. Will look for this or a similar liner again once I'm in Japan.

Dollywink Eyeliner (second from right): While the liquid eyeliner from Dollywink isn't all too bad this one was just bleh. Not creamy or black enough for my taste so not buying it again.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Masks: One of my favourite masks! I'm currently purging and/or breaking out and these really help calm down my skin. They do not magically let my pimples vanish overnight (I'm still praying for such a product!) but they make bad skin times a lot more tolerable. Always repurchase.

Tonymoly I'm Real Sheet Masks in Rice and Makgeolli: Another one of my favourite masks. These are very affordable and quite nice masks all together. They may not be the best of the best but for this price they are worth a look. Especially if you're trying to avoid alcohol. Another forever repurchase.

Leaders Insolution Pore Scaling: This was fun to use because the sheet mask itself is black. It didn't really help immensly with my pimples and pores but I'm willing to try it again.

My Beauty Diary Strawberry: The scent was heavenly of this one! The mask itself was okay but I'll probably try others from MBD next.

Medicos-V Snow White Sheet Mask: As the name suggests this one is for brightening. It was allright but nothing too special so I probably won't repurchase in near future.

Beyond The God of Patches Sheet Mask (Sagging Pores): First of, isn't that the cutest packaging ever?! I'm really surprised by Beyond sheet masks, they are quite thick and feel a little bit more luxurious than for example the TonyMoly ones. I didn't see a dramatic change in my pores but I'll probably buy them again even if it's just for the cute packaging and comfortable wear.

A bunch of samples since I'm trying to use them up. Nothing really impressed me but I might look for the TonyMoly Sleeping Pack since it felt quite nice.

That was it with another month's empties. This month I'll actually move to Japan. I can't quite believe it.

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