Montag, 6. Juni 2016

[Empties] #16


Oh my God, it feels like forever that I have spoken to you. Well. It has been quite long, hasn't it.
University has been keeping me quite busy. Like reading articles and preparing presentations and stuff until 1 or 2 am busy. On top of that I have started swimming twice a week. While it is awesome to be back at working out (and stare at really hot dudes while doing so XD) it is also exhausting. So blogging suffered quite a it. I do hope I will find time to blog regularly again from now on.

To get back into the blogging world, I have another empties entry for you. This is from April and May...I may have skipped March but...oh well. Better than nothing, right ^^

#Bifesta Acne Care Cleansing Lotion: I used this as a cleanser in the morning. It was fine but I wanted to try something new so I'm now using the Biore Cleansing Water. Will probably not repurchase.

#Tonymoly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence 96,5%: This was my first First Essence product. It was light and helped to improve the texture of my skin a little bit. This is the lite version for combo/oily skin they also have another version. While I was in Korea they had a promotion for the new First Essence (the 2X Vitamin Tree one) so I purchased that one instead. So far I don't really feel a huge difference. Not sure if I will repurchase.

#Tosowoong Snail Natural Pure Essence: The Tosowoong Essences probably appear to be pretty boring to most people. No fancy design, no fancy formula. But I personally really enjoy them. They don't have any alcohol and I personally enjoy a "simple" formula. They are also very light in texture which means I can actually layer them without my skin feeling too heavy or overly moist. I already have bought a new one.

#Secret Key Bloody Dragon Essence: To empty this was really painful. Apparently Secret Key stopped producing this product. I swear, I almost cried. I really, really liked this product (review here). Worked really good at brightening up PIH and was lightweight enough for my skin. It also had a dope name and design. Why, Secret Key, why? TT___TT Would like to repurchase but can't.

#Too Cool For School Cleansing Oil: This was okay. Nothing too special so I went back to the Softymo Deep Cleansing one since Softymo is way easier to buy here in Japan than Too Cool For School. Will not repurchase.

#Muji Light Toning Water: I wanted to try out the toner from Muji and went for the travel size version first. This is a rather simple but solid toner. No alcohol and low pH. I already purchased the full size version.

#Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Scrub: My favourite physical scrub. I had tried the normal version first but found it too harsh. The strawberry one is just perfect. And it smells divine! Bought a new one in Korea already.

#Essential Rich Damage Care Hair Mask: Another favourite product. Due to bleaching and dyeing my hair is really dry and this mask does actually help. There is a Pantene mask for hair damaged by beach/sand/water which looks interesting but for now I have repurchased this one.

#Tonymoly Fresh Cleansing Tissue: I received this as a freebie when shopping in Seoul. I normally don't like cleansing tissues since they feel too rough on my skin and generally contain a lot of alcohol. I used them to wipe my hands between skincare steps and they were fine for that but I probably wouldn't use them for cleansing so I won't repurchase them.

#ONE contact lense solution: These were on sale and the design was so cute. Otherwise just a standard contact solution. Currently using another one because that was on sale but I would definitely repurchase if these are cheaper the next time I need contact solution.

#Canmake Gokubuto Mascara: Tried this becauseit was praised by Japanese youtubers. I disliked this mascara quite a bit. It totally clumped up my lashes and just didn't look nice. No idea why it is so popular. Won't repurchase.

#Cien Handcream Lavender: this is a handcream from a cheap German discounter. It was okay but I bought a lot of The Saem handcreams in Seoul so I won't repurchase this.

#Rexona Deodorant: I was optimistic and decided to try a Japanese deodorant despite my previous bad experiences. Rexona is a brand that I also use in Germany so I thought this would be fine. Oh boy, I was wrong. Nope, this did basically nothing for my sweaty armpits. I used it up but it was far from making me feel safe during the day. Never ever buying this again.

#Alcohol wipes from the 100 Yen store: using this to wipe hands between steps of skincare. Effective and cheap, will continue to buy.

Aaaaaand all the sheetmasks plus a hair mask and cotton pads.

No sheetmasks that I dislike, must have been two really awesome months for sheetmasking XD
Except for the Etude House one, that one was meh.
Everything else was really nice. It probably sounds like I don't have a lot to say haha. I do plan on making a sheet mask entry soon, though.

And that was another empties. It felt good to be back writing .
Have a nice day and wonderful week!

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