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[Review] Etude House Blend 4 Eyes Dry Rose

Hi pandas,

how are you doing? Summer started for good in Japan this week and I am basically melting. Seriously, I am not good with do you guys deal with summer heat and humidity?

Despite this summer heat I am still trying to finally catch up on all the reviews I wanted to write.
So here is one about a beautiful palette from Etude House

What they say:
Display varied eye makeup with four colors. The eye shadow palette which makes deep looking eyes with an outstanding contact force. It gets deeper tone as you repaint, and blending will make a more natural display.

Etude House came out with these four color palettes a while ago. They come in six variations which are Dry Rose, Orange Party, Pink Up, Cozy Beige, Tone and Pink as well as Blooming Coral (last two are new).
I decided to get the Dry Rose version.

All of them have matte and shimmery colors.
Starting from top left and going clockwise the colors here are: Rose Berry, Rose Garden, Perfumed Potpourri and Rose Bouquet. The first two are shimmery and the last two are matte.

Rose Berry is a shimmery light pink with a coral hint, Rose Garden is a shimmery chocolate, Perfumed Potpourri a matte light brown and Rose Bouquet a matte dark pink shade.
Rose Bouquet was the shade that was the most interesting to me and also why I bought it.

The shadows are quite pigmented and show up nicely on the lids. Not necessarily the most pigmented shadows that exist but you definitely get nice shadows for your money and they also stay for quite a while.

Here is Rose Berry on the whole lid and Perfumed Potpourri as a transition color. You can see that Rose Berry is not overly shimmery but in a more subtle way, which I personally prefer. This is a very easy and romantic look.

For this look I applied Berry Rose on the lid and Rose Garden on the outer V. It makes for a more "intense" look than just Rose Berry but is still suitable for an everyday look.

Rose Garden on the whole lid, making for a slightly darker look but still nothing too dramatic. This shade is slightly more shimmery than Rose Berry but not too much shimmer. favourite shade: Perfumed Potpourri on the lid with Rose Bouquet on the outer V. Reddish and pinkish eyeshadows can be sometimes a bit tricky to work with since they can easily make you look sick. At the beginning the safest thing to do is to apply them on the outer V of the lid and blend well.

You can probably make even more and prettier looks with this palette but I just wanted to show you that even with less skilled hands like mine you can still use it in various ways. The looks definitely are on the pink side so you should like this color.

Now, I did encounter a problem with this palette though. Finding a matching lipstick. Especially for the Rose Berry shade. Really, it almost made me angry, I kept feeling like a clown. So I decided to make a little swatch party with my lipsticks in order to find suitable shades. Hopefully this can be helpful for somebody else (It has been a while since I took those pictures, hopefully I'll correctly remember all the products).

Left-right, top-buttom

Etude House Dear My Enamel in OR203 which is a pinkish corally color. I like how it looks together with the eyeshadow although it might be too bright for some. If you're as pale as me you also should probably apply some bronzer and/or blush or you'll end up looking dead XD

Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Orange Red which is an orangeish tint. I thought maybe orangey color would also work. It looks okay but I wouldn't go for a too strong orange color.

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge in 06, a beigy-corally my-lips-but-better color. Also looking nice, more subtle everyday look.

Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss in 05 Just Nude, a nude gloss. This looks fine as well, just maybe a bit boring.

Canmake Candy Wrap Lip in 10, a beigy-rosy gloss. This might be the most natural look and very easy to wear.

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 270 What's AP-ricot? which is a nude-peachy color. This might make you appear too dead depending on your skin color but nudy colors seem to work.

Wet n Wild in Rose-bud, a really famous color from this brand. This makes for a more bold look that might not be for everyone.

Essence lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty which is also a really popular color in Germany. It is a color that is very easy to wear but I think it could make you look a bit dull and dead overall.

Wet n Wild in Just Peachy, one more peach color. Also works well with the Rose Berry shadow.

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge in 01, a pinkish color looking also nice with this eyeshadow. and making for a rather subtle look.

Essence lipstick in 02 Porcelain Doll which is a nude lipstick. Nude can definitely also work here but once again there is the risk of you ending up looking dead.

Overall I would say it is best to look for dusty rose, my-lips-but-better, nudish, pinkish or orangish colors but the Rose Berry is by no means an easy shadow to pair with a lipstick.

I'm really happy I got this palette even if the color scheme might be sometimes hard to work with. The tone of the palette itself reminds me a lot of autumn and I really used it a lot during that time but it somehow doesn't really feel suited for warmer weather. So it will go in storage until next autumn but I would definitely recommend this palette if you're looking for a small but rather versatile palette offering also more uncommon colors.

Pros: nice colors, good color payoff,

Cons: might be hard to pair with lipsticks

Overall: 4.5/5

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