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[Review] The Faceshop Disney Collection

Hi pandas,

How are you doing? Spring finally arrived here in Japan and cherry blossoms are blooming so everybody is being busy watching them and taking 5 million pictures, including me :D
Life has been pretty busy lately and will continue to be very busy since I need to turn in my master thesis in less than 3 months....time is flying!

I haven't done a non-skincare product post in what seems like an eternity and I always wanted to talk about these cute guys, so here we go:

The Faceshop Disney 1

The Faceshop is a brand that I honestly didn't pay a lot attention to for a very long time. Last year they came out with their first round of a Disney collaboration (they have/had a second round as well featuring Daisy, Donald and others).
I happened to be in Seoul last summer shortly after this Disney collection was launched and so I set out to hunt down some products which turned out to be not that easy. Seeing as how cute these products are it's no wonder they were sold out in so many shops.

After a lot of pondering and testing and swatching I decided to get the CC Cooling Cushion with Winnie the Pooh design, and eye & lips palette featuring Mickey Mouse and two watery tints with a design inspired by Minnie Mouse.

Let's talk about the cushion first. There were two things that drew me to this product. Winnie the Pooh design and the label "CC Cooling Cushion". It was August in Seoul and I was dieing in the awful heat and humidity so anything promising some relief was immediately catching my attention. In the end this became one of my favourite cushions I have ever tried.

The outer packaging is made of brown, thick paper and has an adorable, slightly flustered Winnie on the front while the actual cushion case is yellow and red with Winnie's face on the lid.
There's a bunch of explanations and claims about the product on the paper packaging.
The most interesting thing about this product is probably that it contains Birch Sap to soothe the skin, Flower (Damask Rose, Lotus Flower, Chamomile and Cornflower) Water to balance skin's water and oil content and Snow Oil to create a cooling sensation and hydrate the skin.

The cushion case itself is nothing out of the ordinary except for the cute design and the puff also featuring prints of Winnie the Pooh on it. The design definitely makes the use more enjoyable for a Disney fan like me.

I chose the lightest color, V103 Pure Beige and it fits my skin tone really nicely. The CC Cooling cushion has light coverage and I needed to touch up during the day but I always sweat a lot during summer so nothing really stays on my face for a long time. The formula itself is pretty light-weight and, true to its claim, has a cooling effect on the skin, therefore it is perfect for summer. It is rather strongly scented so this might be a turn-off for some people.

The Faceshop Disney 5

Overall, I am very happy with this cushion! It was perfect for hot and humid summer and I will get a refill so Winnie the Pooh can accompany me through this year's summer as well. The only tiny downside is that I had to touch up during the day but that's mainly due to the humidty and me sweating a lot.

Pros: cute design, light shade available, cooling effect, lightweight

Cons:didn't last all day, strongly fragranced
Overall: 4/5

On to the next product of the bunch which is the eyes and lips palette.

The Faceshop Disney 6

I remember having had such a hard time to decide on one of the palettes because they were all so darn cute! In the end I decided on the Mickey one because it had the most "neutral" colors, so it seemed like the safest choice.

The Faceshop Disney 7

Just like the cushion the outer packaging is made out of brown, thick paper with a cute Mickey on the front and some explanations about the product on the backside. The palette itself is made out of sturdy black plastic again with a Mickey on the front. The size is rather compact and would be fine to carry around if you wanted to.

The Faceshop Disney 8

When first opening the palette you will find a protective film with dots and tiny mouse heads on it as well as a two sided brush/eyeshadow applicator also protected by plastic.
The palette contains 5 eyeshadows and three lipstick colors. The Faceshop says you can get 200% use out of one palette by mixing and matching (that's some numbers you have there XD).

The Faceshop Disney 9

The eyeshadows are a slightly off-white with very subtle shimmer, a matte coffee brown, a shimmery bronze, a shimmery lighter brown and a shimmery dark chocolate color. The three lip colors are a classic red, a coral-red and a dusty rose color (the picture also features a swatch of the two lip tints).
The shadows are buttery and quite pigmented, I was honestly surprised since I didn't really expect a lot for a roadshop brand (sorry, the Faceshop).

The Faceshop Disney 10

The eyeshadows are rather neutral, nevertheless I feel like you can create quite a variety of looks with it ranging from a very light look to a darker smokey eye. They blend rather niceley, the only problem I had was that the matte brown shade wasn't the perfect transitioning shade for my skin tone since it had a tiny hinge too much red in it for me. There's also not a huge difference between the two lighter shimmery brown shades apart from one being bronzey-warm and the other more cool toned.

The Faceshop Disney 11

The lip colors looked really nice in the palette so I was excited to try them out but I'm not a huge fan of how they apply. They highlight dry patches on my lips and the first two colors seem a little bit too bright for neutral looks.

The Faceshop Disney 12

I also felt that the first two lip colors do not fit the bronzey eyeshadow shade to 100% so there might be some playing around necessary to get a perfect look out of this palette.
The eyeshadows definitely satisfied me and I'll keep using them, the lip colors were sadly only meh in my eyes. I can see this palette working well on a short trip, when you have to pack very lightly and you don't need/want your makeup to look 100% perfect so the shortcomings of the lip colors don't matter.

Pros: cute design, combines eyeshadows and lipcolors, eyeshadows are buttery and well pigmented

Cons: lip colors are too bright for a neutral look and highlight dry patches

Overall: 3/5

Now onto the last two guys!

The Faceshop Disney 13 
When I saw these I just knew I had to buy that. Isn't that the cutest design for a tint ever?!
Unlike the cushion and palette these came without a paper packaging. The tints themselves are packaged in a see-through plastic tube with white dots so you can see the color of the actual product and a cap in black with mouse ears. For some reason this reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

The Faceshop Disney 14

The applicator is a flat doe foot applicator and the tint itself is rather liquid in consistency (hence the name watery tint). While I feel like the applicator itself would be perfect for precise application, the liquid consistency made this a little bit difficult at times, especially since the tint is very pigmented.
I bought the shades 02 Coral Bow Tie and 05 Red Cherry (swatches are in the swatch picture from the palette).

The Faceshop Disney 17

02 Coral Bow Tie comes out a lot more pink on my lips than it looks in the tube. Normally I'd be quite frustrated by this since I prefer coral/peach over pink shades but this is still a very nice shade, somehwere between coral and pink and I feel like it's a perfect summer shade!

The Faceshop Disney 18

While this shade doesn't stain the lips very strongly it lasts for a really long time and even survives drinking and eating more or less. It doesn't fade in an ugly way, for which I'm very grateful.

The Faceshop Disney 15

05 Red Cherry is a really beautiful darker red color. This is one of my favourite shades for a gradient lip!

The Faceshop Disney 16

This does has the same lasting power as the shade 02 but stains the lips slightly more.
Both tints appear very glossy at first but dry down to a natural semi-matte finish as time goes by.. Since they are watery tints they do dry out the lips to a certain degree, so be aware of that. Both have a slight sweet scent to them but nothing too overpowering.

Pros: pigmented, last for a long time, cute design, nice colors

Cons: can be drying, super precise application can be hard at times

Overall: 4.5/5

I am very pleased with the products I bought from this collection and positively surprised since I had never really paid attention to the Faceshop products. If you can still find these products, either with this design or another design, I'd definitely recommend you to check them out :D

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