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[Review] Tonymoly x Pokemon

Hi pandas,

how are you doing? The deadline for my master thesis is approaching faster and faster. Soon I'll probably be worrying myself sick and pulling all-nighters. At least I feel like I'm making some progress recently.

But that of course doesn't mean that I can't invest a few minutes into this blog. I have a huge box with make-up that I want to review and I'll dig my way through it from now on.
The first products are these cute guys:

Tonymoly came out with this Pokemon collaboration a while ago and I instantly knew that I needed to have them. What can I say, cute packaging always gets me!
They have been adding new products every now and then so I guess they're not done with the collaboration yet.

These products are all from the first line up and I had decided on the mini cushion (in both shades since they come in different cases...don't judge me), a cushion blusher and two of the tints.

As the name mini cushion already implies, these cushions are smaller in size than normal cushions. It makes them look extra cute in my opinion!

Since this is a collaboration with Pokemon, or more specifically Pikachu, the cases are a bright yellow with a Pikachu printed on the front. As mentioned before, the motive is actually different for both shades.

Other than the Pikachu print and bright yellow color this is a standard cushion package. Plastic and sturdy, comes with a mirror and puff. Now, the puff is a pokeball. How freakin cute is that?!
One of my complaints, although a very small one, is that due to the smaller size, the mirror is also smaller and therefore it can be hard to see your whole face in it and it makes application a bit difficult at times.

The product itself seems to be pretty much the same as the BCDation Cushion+ (review here). Good coverage, natural finish, a bit sticky though. Due to the size I think this is perfect to carry around and use for touch ups!
Shade 01 Skin Beige fits my pale complexion very well.

It does have a scent and only comes in two shades, this could be problematic for some people.
I really like this mini cushion! I'm a fan of the BCDation Cushion+ as well so with the formula being very similar and the added bonus of a very cute Pikachu design, it's no surprise it became one of my favorite products. I love carrying this around for touch ups during the day, it's really compact and cute! Sadly, it doesn't seem like there are refills for this cushion (even though Tonymoly recently came out with a new mini cushion...). Please make refills, Tonymoly!

Pros: cute packaging, compact size for carrying it around, good coverage

Cons: scent, small mirror, only two shades, no refill

Overall: 4/5

On to the next cute round guy, the mini cushion blusher

The mini cushion blusher is the same yellow and size as the mini cushion. However, instead of a whole image of Pikachu, we have its face and cute red cheeks on the front making it look like the cushion blusher actually IS Pikachu.

For the blusher, the design is the same for all colors.

Just like with the cushion, the applicator is a pokeball as well.

The mirror is quite small, but since you apply blusher only on a small part of the face, unlike the cushion foundation, I didn't find it to be much of a problem.

I chose the color 03 Peach Orange. Normally I don't really go for orange colors when it comes to blush so I thought why not challenge myself and try something new. The cushion blusher has a much stronger, sweeter scent than the cushion.

This was actually my first time trying a cushion blusher so I had to get used to the application. And also the color. It is quite orangey but it applies beautifully on the skin and looks dewy-natural.

While this is probably not a color I would wear everyday, I'm glad I bought this cushion blusher. I wanted to get more into orange shades this spring/summer and the dewy look of this blusher seems to be perfect for it. Plus, I get to carry around another cute Pikachu thing!

Pros: cute packaging, compact size for carrying it around, dewy finish

Cons: strong scent, no refill
Overall: 4/5

Here is a swatch of the two cushion foundation shades and the cushion blusher in shade 03

Next up are the lip tints!

These are the Pika Pika Get it Tints and they are basically the same as the Tonymoly Get it Tints from the normal range.
I am not sure if these exact shades also exist in the normal range but they are three fairly standard colors. 01 Clear Coral, 02 Red Hot and 03 Red Joy. I chose number 01 and 03.

The packaging is exactly the same as the normal range, except in a bright yellow and with a Pikachu image on the front.

The packaging looks a bit like nail polish at the first sight and it has two caps. The packaging is made out of sturdy glass and actually pretty heavy.

The doe foot applicator is rather thin so application of the product is pretty easy.
The tints also have a sweet scent to them.

The texture of the tints is somewhere between water tints and gel tints I would say. Rather liquidy but not water like.

01 Clear Coral shows up a tiny bit pink on my lips but it's one of the truest coral shades I've encountered in the Korean beauty world. It does stain the lips quite a bit, although not extremely but that is probably because of the color itself. It does fade after eating and drinking a lot (I'm a messy eater though...) but I'm satisfied with how well it stays on besides that.

Now 03 Red Joy stains the lips quite stronger than the coral shade does. I think red tints in general stain the lips pretty well, at least in my case. This is a really beautiful red shade that is still wearable daily and also good for gradient lips. Staying power is about the same as for the coral shade but a slightly more visible stain/tint remains.

I own some of the Tonymoly Get it Tints from the general range as well and also like them. These are solid lip tint products. While the shades are nothing fancy or exciting, you get a good product and this case even with a cute Pikachu design!

Pros: cute packaging, good staying power, nice shades

Cons: glass packaging could break/heavy, not a lot of shades (at least for the Pokemon collaboration)
Overall: 4,5/5

And last but not least, we have the nail polish

This is a special effect polish so it's more of a gimmick and I just threw it in my basked since it looked so cute!

The polish has Pikachu tails in yellow and black, red hearts, red stars and dots in white, yellow and red. It really does look cute on the nail.

I really think Tonymoly has hit the jackpot with this collaboration! The design is cute and the products themselves are really solid products. Probably because they relied on already tried and tested products from their general range for a large part (smart move there!). Hopefully they'll continue bringing out products like these.

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    I'm currently waiting for the body lotion of this collab between TonyMoly&Pokemon I've ordered on Jolse! I'll probably also make a review on my blog ( but I have to receive it before and it has been 2 weeks T_T So annoying to wait !
    Anyway I think that the cushions and the blusher are really cute! I wanted to also buy the blusher but I found it's really small and a bit pricey ^^'
    Good review tho ! I'm waiting for the next articles since I've added you to my reading list ;)
    ANNYEONG, Michy <3