Sonntag, 1. März 2015

[Empties] #07

Hello pandas,

How are you doing?
Lately it seems like times is flying by. Can't even believe it's already the end of february...

I didn't do an empties at the end of january because I somehow didn't have many empty things. I'm currently trying to use up all the things I've collected over the past months. If I really move to Japan at the end of this year I don't wanna take unnecessary things with me.

- ebelin wet wipes (German drugstore brands): I like to keep wet wipes on my make-up table so I can wipe my hands in between, especially after applying BB Cream with my hands. They were allright and cheap so I will repurchase.

- HadaLabo es foaming cleanser: One of my mom's guests from Taiwan left this with her and I used it up. It was nice but I have two other cleansers I'm testing/using right now so not repurchasing.

- balea moisture shampoo (German drugstore brand): It was cheap shampoo but did its job and smelled like mangos. Sadly they changed the scent so not sure if I will repurchase it.

- pantene pro-v repair&care conditioner: One of my favourite conditioners. I'm currently trying one from Dove but I will probably buy this one again.

- le petit marseillais shower gel in almond milk: I have fond memories of the shower gels from this brand. We visitied my relatives in France every year when I was little and always bought shower gels from le petit marseillais. It smelled really, really nice. I will repurchase it when I get the chance.

- axe anarchy for her deodorant: This sucked. Didn't do nothing and didn't really smell nice. Definitely not repurchasing.

- rexona maximum protection deodorant: My HG deodorant. Will repurchase in conjunction with the dove one.

- catrice quick dry & high shine topcoat: I hated this topcoat. I already voiced my anger on instagram. It didn't really speed up the drying process, it was streaky, it smeared the design and took the color of the nail polish beneath. I'm throwing it out because it's just useless. Never gonna buy it again.

- bw white nail polish: dried up so I'm throwing it out.

- The face shop top coat: it dried up a bit and I tried to save it by adding nail polish thinner but it got cloudy so I'm throwing it away. Not gonna buy it again.

- Nature Republic California Aloe Fresh Sun Milk Sample: This was a bit strange because it turned powdery after applying it. I couldn't find any reviews so I have no idea if it's supposed to do that or not. Not too keen on buying a full-size version.

- Etude House Sun Prise Water Essence Gel: This was quite nice to use. Very light, easy to spread and nice texture. I will think about buying the full-size version.

- Tonymoly I'm real sheet mask in Lemon (Brightenin), Seaweed (Skin Purifying) & Makgeolli (Skin Purifying): My favourite sheet masks so far! Smell amazing and leave the skin feeling nice. Will repurchase for sure.

- Holika Holika Before Date sheet mask: Was nothing really special so I probably won't repurchase.

- The face shop real nature mask in green tea: The first second it smelled like green tea and then like alcohol. Not very pleasant. I read some reviews online and no other person seemed to notice an alcohol smell. So maybe my nose was just being weird. I still have a honey one and after using that I will choose whether I'll buy masks from this line again or not.

- Etude House I need you sheet mask in bamboo: Was okay, but nothing special so I won't repurchase it.

So, that was it for this entry. I have a lot of reviews planned, hopefully I can manage to type them all up very soon. It is also very nice to see that more and more people read my blog, thank you so much for that =D

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