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[Review] pa nail polish

Hello pandas,

How are you doing?
On my side it's still the same old song: hunting for jobs while waiting for news from my university application =D

This blog has been focused on skincare lately so I decided to write a make-up review today. At least kind of make-up ^^

It those cute little guys:

What they say:
Nail Color: A full line of 72 nail colors. A variety of primary colors, and pastel colors come in glittered, pearl, and matte styles. This collection of modest cost is a great way to try out new colors. These colors are made thin so that you can enjoy the look of 1 coat, 2 coats or 3coats, and adjust the color tones according to your own taste.
Nail Color Premiere: A nail color with specially formulated pearls and glitters.

Ingredients: I'm not sure if it makes any sense writing done the ingredients. It's nail polish so it's not exactly the best ingredients ever but you also shouldn't apply it anywhere else than your nails. I ran a quick search of the ingredients of one of the polishes on cosdna and nothing flagged except isopropyl alcohol. But yeah, as I's nail polish.
If any of you want the ingredients I can type them up for sure.

I picked them up when I lived in Japan and it was rather by accident that I stumbled over them. But they were so cute I couldn't resist.

From left to right: AA64, AA96, AA07, A38, A111, A05

The bottles are typical nail polish bottles. Made out of glass, sturdy and with a plastic cap. The outstanding thing is their size. They are rather tiny compared to other nail polishes. That's also one of the things I really like about this product. Because, let's be honest - when have you ever finished a whole nail polish? And drying up doesn't count. I can say, except for maybe black I haven't really finished a nail polish. So I prefer small sizes. The product still lasts sufficiently and there is a chance that you might actually finish a bottle. Also, they don't take up as much space =D

The brush is also rather tiny but the application is really easy and most of the time without streaks.
They are mostly on the sheer side but since they dry very quickly, applying 2 or more coats in order to achieve a more opaque look are absolutely no problem.

You probably noticed a difference in the color of the cap: the more opaque white caps indicates that the polish is from the "normal" polish line with plain colors with or without light sparkle while the sheer sparkly caps indicates that the polish is from the "premiere" line featuring effect polishes.

Here I used A111 and A05 on the ring finger. A111 is a opaque rose polish while A05 is a sheer pinkish nude. Both are more summery colors and I can't wait wearing them more in summer.

Here I used A38 which is a sheer blue with subtle sparkle and I applied 3-4 coats for this look. Sadly I used a bad top coat and it screwed up the manicure a bit. (Also please ignore the attempt on stemping on the ring finger).

Here I used AA96 over a turquoise polish on the ring finger. It is definitely my favourite one of the six, I love the effect it gives. It has white and black dots in various sizes as well as black strips.

Here I used simple black nail polish with AA64 on the ring finger. I needed about 3 coats to get this look. It is a pale pink with black dots. Somehow this polish reminds me of cookies and cream and I get hungry every time I use it XD

I tried to do a manicure with AA07 but I honestly don't really like that color. It's a translucent polish with glitter and hot pink and baby pink hearts but the hearts are so big the wouldn't really bend on my nail shape....maybe my nails are just too tiny...

I change my polish every 3-4 days and I'm also a person that often uses her nails to open cans, lids, etc. so I can't say too much about the staying power of these polishes but with a good top coat they were holding up fairly well in those few days.

All in all, I really like them (except the AA07). They perform well, I prefer little bottles when it comes to nail polish, they have a quite wide selection of colors and often have a special edition. Right now they have a Kiki and Lala special edition. Isn't that cute!

Sadly it seems that you can't buy them online (pretty & cute has a category for them but there is currently nothing in it) so if you get the chance and go to Japan, definitely pick them up. I don't really remember if Mastumoto Kiyoshi has them but Donki and department stores definitely stock them and if I remember correctly they were around 500 or 600 Yen.
You can sometimes find them on amazon or ebay.

Pros: little bottle, dry rather quickly, buildable, large selection of colors, easy to apply

Cons: AA07 didn't work with me...but that's probably YMMV

Overall: 5/5

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