Montag, 3. August 2015

[Empties] #11

Hi pandas,

How are you doing? Can you believe it, July is already over...once again another month is over. Half of 2015 is already over. Time is flying by. I think I'm saying that in every empties post but these posts make me truly realize how fast time is passing.
This also means that I have less than 2 months left in Germany...

Anyways, here are my empties for this month:

Eye contact solution: now that summer actually started here in Germany I started wearing contacts more often. Somehow I don't feel like wearing contacts in winter. It's cold and dark in the morning so the last thing I want to do is squeezing contacts in my eyes. However, in summer contacts are really practical. No sweat between glasses and nose, easy to take off / put on sunglasses whenever needed and no cleaning glasses. So eye contact solution is a staple for me in summer.

Jessa intimate washing lotion: Always rebuying it, my vagina likes it XD

Wellness & Beauty Shower Gel Mango: This smelled beyond heavenly!!! Sadly the drugstore where you can buy this isn't popular here in South Germany and I have other shower gels I need to use up. I ran out of this very fast though (probably because it smelled so good).

Shiseide Aquair Shower Cream: Our guest from Singapore left this here when she went home. This was so. damn. nice! Really creamy and such a nice scent. I may look for it once I'm back in Japan.

Supermarket wet wipes: I like having wet wipes on my make-up desk so I can wipe off any marks/stains of my hands. These however were horrible, they disintegrated while using them and I was left with tiny white cotton pieces on my hands when using it. Purchased other wet wipes.

Guhl Silver Conditioner: I once used this because I wanted to get rid of the orangey/yellow tone in my hair. Now, however, I try to achieve a caramel color so it wasn't fit for my hair anymore. I instead used it as shaving cream. Not repurchasing it.

Balea everyday hair shampoo green apple: I'm not picky with shampoos so I just buy a cheap one. This smelled nice like green apples.

Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil: I wrote a review here. While this smelled really, really good I didn't feel like it was better at cleansing than other cleansing oils I tried although it was a bit more expensive. So instead of repurchasing this one, I bought the Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil again (review here).

Cure Peeling Gel: I bought this while I was in Japan and at first I was pretty amazed since the whole concept of the peeling gel was new to me. The more I used it the more bored I became with this product. Especially after starting to use chemical peelings. You can find a review here. I am quite happy that I used up this product and won't repurchase it.

Cosrx AHA/BHA Clearifying Treatment Toner: A review here. It was a really nice toner for me but I wanted to try some other tones so I bought a different one.

Alcohol disinfectant: this was perfect to disinfect brushes, glasses, etc due to it being a spray product. I already repurchased it.

Paula's Choice BHA 2% Liquid: I bought a travel size because I wanted to try a BHA peeling. I wasn't too impressed by it so I bought the Cosrx BHA peeling.

Some cosmetics I sorted out. The mascaras are already over 6 months old and you should change your mascara every 6 months. They weren't any good anyways.
The Tonymoly Goddess Aura BB Cream is also quite old and I have other foundations/BB Creams, so out with it! I wrote a review here.
The Rival de Loop nail polish is also quite old and was a bitch to apply. So I'm throwing it away.

Sheet masks and samples!
This month, I liked all of the sheet masks I used this month. The only forgettable ones were the Daylight&Hue Aloe one and the My Beauty Diary Arbutin one. I was especially pleansantly surprised by the Beyond sheet masks, I tried them for the first time and I think I will repurchase them.

This was it for this month's empties. Hopefully I'll be able to blog more regularly in August (I say this every month....).

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