Montag, 22. Februar 2016

[Empties] #14

Hi pandas,

how are you doing? I know, I wanted to start blogging more regularly again. Oh well....
Last few weeks I was really busy with exams and term papers and I felt like a zombie. Literally. Even now, that I'm officially on spring break I feel pretty emotionally and mentally exhausted. It's slowly getting better and there is also the planned trip to Taiwan and Korea.

Anyways, I had the pictures for the empties from January on my SD card for quite a while so now I will finally take the time to write about them.

Bifesta Eyemakeup Remover: My favourite eyemakeup remover (review here) since it can deal with stubborn Japanese mascara. I already bought a new one.

Dove Maximum Protection: My favourite deodorant, do I need to say more? I'm currently trying Japanese deodorants but I guess I'll go back to Dove and Rexona.

Johnson & Johnson bodylotion: This is a limited winter edition with pomegranate and jasmine. Such a nice scent. The formula is light enough so it doesn't make me feel like suffocating after applying but it still gives enough moisture.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask: Since I have a slightly oily T-zone I do need a clay mask. This one is so far my favourite and I already bought another one.

Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-sol: My favourite acne spot treatment. You can see how amazingly it works in my review here. I wanted to put up repurchasing it until my trip to Korea but...but....I'm missing it.

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder: This was meh. Was carrying it around in my pouch but I'm now trying another one.

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Film: I wanted to try another one of the Heroine Make mascaras after loving the  one (review here) but I don't really like this one. A review will follow shortly but I won't buy it again.

Bee Natural Chapstick in Pomegranate: it was okay but I'm testing my way through Japanese chapsticks right now.

Kenzo Flower Perfume: This was a really nice perfume and one of my favourite scents. It is a lot cheaper in Japan than in Germany. I bought the YSL Opium Black as a Christmas present for myself and have another perfume to use up but I'm pretty sure I'll go back to Kenzo some day in the future.

Tonymoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack: This was such a fun sleeping pack and I really loved using it (review here). Sadly this is past its expiration date so it has to go. I plan to rebuy it in Korea though.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX: My first sleeping mask and one of my favourites (review here). Again, this was past its expiration date but I plan to rebuy this as well.

Too Cool For School Pumpking Sleeping Pack: Another favourite sleeping pack of mine (review here) that is also sadly beyond its expiration date and will be repurchased in Korea.

Japanese foot peeling: This was so stupid! I didn't even really get to test it because the "shoes" were made out of thin plastic and ripped after not even 1 minutes. God dammit....I bought one from another brand, hopefully that will be better.

Various bathing salts: January was still quite cold in Japan so I loved taking baths. These were all more or less fine.

Samples: nothing spectacular but I still wanted to show them

And finally, the sheet masks!!

Some well-loved staples here: Tonymoly I'm Real, PureSmile, Benton Snail Bee, Tosowoong Pure, Mediheal and MBD

The Luciol 8 (all the way on the upper right) was suprisingly nice but I can't find them anymore...
Missha Pure Source was nice but nothing too special, the tonymoly goat milk was itchy (wtf?) and the rest was boring.

That's it for now, I will hopefully be able to post more regularly from now on


  1. Oh I tried the Heroine mascara because I love their mascaras! I find that one really wet so every time I marks! lol but I now mix it with another Heroine one and it is better!

    1. Thank you for commenting =D
      Yeah, I found the formula to be pretty wet as well. I mean, it's still a good mascara but I guess my expectations for Heroine Make mascaras are just quite high XD I'm currently testing the Canmake Gokubuto one (since so many Japanese beauty bloggers/youtubers rave about it) but that one clumps like hell.