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[Review] Heroine Make Long and Curl Super Film Mascara

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How are you doing? I'm trying to stay true to my promise and post more regularly.

So here is a new review: a new type of the Heroine Make mascaras series, the Long and Curl Super Film.

What they say:

This mascara features a new light-weight formula that keeps its smudge-proof curls for hours. It creates natural long lashes that curl delicately and fan out beautifully on the ends. Warm water removable. 

Ingredients: Isododecane, polyethylene, Beeswax, palmitic acid / ethylhexanoate, dextrin, propylene carbonate, tocopherol, camellia oil, chamomilla recutita, Nylon-6, alkyl (C30-45 ) Mechikon, distearate Al, glyceryl isostearate, tri (caprylate / caprate), glyceryl, dimethicone, talc, iron oxide

 This packaging is really similar to the super waterproof version with a black tube and gold lettering and cap.
The wand is curved and non-plastic. There are no visible fibers.


The formula was a bit liquidy but is really, really black and easy to apply. I had the feeling at first that there was a very faint scent of jasmine but I'm not sure if that wasn't just my nose being crazy.

before mascara

mascara applied

As you can see, this is not a very dramatic mascara and does not give you a false eyelashes look. It is definitely a deep black, which I enjoy and creates a nice curl but nothing for special occassions.
It is an okay mascara for everyday.

I do not really like the film formula however. The thing about the film formula is that you can remove it with warm water. To some that may be the best thing ever. I am however used to removing mascara with an eyemakeup remover and then use an oil cleanser. This does not work on this mascara. So once you go in with your second cleanser you will find little black stripes coming off your lashes. This was really, really weird to me. I know, that is not necessarily something bad but film types are not for me.

Since the effect is almost the same as the super waterproof version I will probably return to that. Or maybe try something else? If anybody has any recommendations, I'm open for almost anything =D

Pros:deep black, holds curl, good for everyday

Cons:film type

Overall: 4/5

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