Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

[Review] Tonymoly BCDation Cushion +

Hi pandas,

How are you doing?
I should be working on some term papers but know, priorities XD
So in order to get some distraction and take a break I will now write about my newest cushion.

What they say:
A multitasking formula that delivers broad-spectrum SPF protection, deep hydration, and complete coverage.

I couldn't find ingredients. Neither on the original packaging nor on the internet. Booh!

I got this cushion when I was in Seoul because they had a promotion for the cushion plus the normal foundation in a travel size. Sadly they didn't have both in the same color (wtf? XD) so I went for one package that had the cushion in the lightest shade and the foundation in the second shade. I haven't tried the foundation itself yet but I guess it will be too dark.

The packaging is very nice. Black and sleek with a large print on top. The lid is actually not a pure black but more of a very dark grey with tiny, tiny sparks. I really like it. The only downside is, that it gets dirty very fast. Black has the downside of showing every piece of dust and all scratches as you can see in this picture.

The puff is a very standard cushion puff. The whole cushion is a tiny bit more flat than the IOPE one I own but roughly the same size.
As every cushion it was protected by a seal and the actual cushion is pretty fine. Overall it is pretty similar to the IOPE cushion except for the color.

The cushion offers a SPF of 50+ PA+++ but yeah, I don't believe in make-up products covering sun protection and I use a sunscreen everyday anyways.

This is the lightest color "Vanilla Beige" and looks like it has yellowish undertones, so it is a pretty good fit for my skintone. Sadly this cushion only comes in three colors so unless you are on the pale side it probably won't fit you. Seriously, companies should start investing in broader color schemes...

The scent....oh the scent. It is rather strong and flowery which might be a problem for some. I'm fine with it since it doesn't linger on for too long but they could have really toned down the scent.

no makeup - cushion - full makeup
Now, they weren't really wrong about the coverage. It definitely helped with the redness around my nose and some minor pimples but couldn't cover my pores and I'm not sure if it would be enough coverage for any bigger breakouts. Therefore the consistency is on the thicker side and when I first applied it I made the mistake of applying way too much. So make sure to use an easy hand with this product. It's not necessarily a really heavy texture but it's also not the lightest I've ever experienced. Since I am quite pale and the product is pale as well only wearing the cushion makes me look like I just came back from the dead lol I definitely need to use some blush and eye makeup in order to make it work. The curse of being pale...

some details
Prior to this cushion I hadn't been wearing heavier foundation for a long time so when I first applied it it looked way to heavy and cakey since I wasn't used to this look anymore. It does need a few minutes to set but the finish then turns to a more natural one. You can however tell that you're wearing a base product with this cushion so this is not suitable for a very natural look.
The wearing time was okay but it does transfer rather easily. I also found out that this is not a cushion I can wear in warmer weather. Due to the humidity (rainy season is approaching here in Japan...yay...) and sweat the product was sliding around a bit after a few hours. Now, I don't blame the product itself. This weather drives me nuts, the only way anything would probably stay on my face is glueing it on. I also suspect the hydrating properties of this cushion to play a role as well. My skin is currently well moisturized so it makes only sense that another hydrating layer on top of my skincare and humidity and sweat would slip and slide.

I will store this cushion for now and then take it back out in the winter. Winter in Japan is dry. Like dry dry. I can see this cushion performing a lot better then.

You might now think that I don't really like this cushion due to quite a few negative points but I'm actually quite pleased with it. While it may not be the best cushion out there, I think it's a fairly solid product and I look forward to using it again.

Pros: sleek packaging, good color match, decent coverage, nice finish

Cons: rather strong scent, package easily scratched, didn't perfom well on my skin in hotter weather

Overall: 3.5/5


  1. Hi , I was looking for information on this cushion, one that is not moisturizing . I tried in a sample the BCDation makeup and liked it, because it is matte and has good coverage, not light . When reading that would keep winter makes me not want to buy it, because it is very hot here .


    If you like to spend my blog , it is in Spanish but has translator

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Depending on your skintype, it might still work for you. I just have oily/normal skin and easily sweat so it was feeling too heavy for me. Maybe the liquid foundation has a slightly different formulation than the cushion.