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[Review] Beyond real water tint

Hey pandas,

how are you doing? I'm trying to finally keep up with my reviews so straight away here's a new one. I have clearly a rather unhealthy obsession with lip products so it's not a big surprise that this review is another lip product :)

What they say:
No dryness color vividly high coloring water tint.

When I was in Seoul in March this year I also paid a visit to the Beyond store in Edae. Beyond is such an interesting brand to me but their products are still rather hard to find and for some reason I never really got around to try more of their products. I mainly went to the store for the sheetmasks (which are awesome by the way!) but wanted to try something else as well. And with my said obsession for lip products, what would be better for a first purchase than a lip tint!

I decided to go for the real water tint, a very standard tint in the color no.2 Pink Chu. There are three other colors.
The paper packaging is very simple, three sides white and one side pink. I can't remember if the colored side was different for the other shades though. The packaging also claims that the product is dermatogically tested, no added parabens, not tested on animals and is from an eco beauty lab. Since I have no means of verifying this so let's believe them.
The actual packaging is also very simple, see-through plastic bottle with a light silver cap.

The tint has a rather stiff doe foot applicator, making application rather easy.
The color is a more dark pink with a blueish hue. I really love this color!
Even though this is a water tint, the texture is between water and gel I would say.
There is a faint sweet smell to the product, which doesn't linger on for too long however.

The pigmentation is just lovely. I mean, look at this! It works really well for both creating a gradient effect as well as just a fully covered lip. As for the finish, it is rather glossy and shiny at first but quickly dries and offers a more matte finish. It does appear beautifully.
It is a water tint so it is slightly drying. I would recommend applying a chapstick over it, if you're worried about dry lips.

The wear time is pretty good as well. Not the most lasting tint and you would need to reapply/touch up during the day, especially after eating and drinking but it also doesn't vanish too fast.
It's not necessarily a summer color so I will stash it for now but I'm sure I'll definitely reach for it again in fall and winter.

All in all, I am very positively surprised by my first Beyond make-up product. The only downsides I could come up with is the rather limited color range (although I am more than happy with the one I chose) and that it could be drying (which is rather normal for water tints though). It made me want to try more from the brand, especially the skincare products!

Pros: well pigmented, simple design, good wear time

Cons: rather limited color range, could be drying

Overall: 4/5

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