Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

[What's in my bag]


It's been a while since I introduced myself and to be honest I was quite confused what I should upload as my first post. And then I decided for a "What's in my bag". I really like seeing what's in other people's bags and maybe it's interesting for some of you out there since I formed a habit in Japan of carrying a lot if stuff in my bag that none of my friends in Germany would ever think of bringing long XD


This is the bag I mostly carry around when going out to any other place than university (since I need my laptop for university, so I always use  backpack).
It's a simple black bag from Primark.

1 my little make-up pouch with a cute snoopy that was an extra in a Japanese magazine~

2 chewing gums in grapefruit flavour. Nothing really special.

3 facial mist. Now, this is something not a lot of people carry around in Germany, I think. Mine is the "I'm Blooming - Sebum Control Mist" from Etude House. Especially now that it's summer I'm very happy to have this. Even though people always look at me like I'm crazy when I spray it on XD

4 Deo Water. I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist outside of Japan. At least I'v never seen it anywhere else or never heard anyone talk about it. This is not the original bottle, I filled it into a little spay bottle in order to carry it around. Basically it's water with some deo-powder in it. It doesn't really have any effect as a deo but I love spraying this on when it's really hot, because it's very refreshing (it has that minty-cool feeling on the skin) and it dries the skin~
 5 fake Louis Vuitton wallet that I bought in Japan

6 little wallet for coins. In Japan you automatically always carry around a lot of coins and it's really convenient to bring an extra wallet for the coins. And I couldn't resist buying it because it was so cute >____<

7 Keys. That's it. Nothing exciting "^^

8 MP3-Player. Actually it's my old phone but now I'm using it as an mp3-player because it's still working.

9 Handcream. It's the Mini Bunny Hand Cream in Pure Beige from Tony Moly. So tiny and cute and nice smelling *___*

10 Notepad. This one is from Ojipan a slightly strange panda character from Japan XD I also carry around a pen, which somehow isn't on this picture...

11 Hand towel. I think this is another very "Japanese" thing. I always saw Japanese carrying around those little towels and now I know why. It's really useful. For example when there's no towels at a toilet...or even if there are towels, this is better for the environment than paper towels ^.~ And when you're sweating in summer. I never want to give it away anymore!!

Now the content of my make-up pouch.

1 "cosmetic water" Another "japanese" thing, I guess. It's a middle thing between facial toner and facial cream in a gel type. I'm not really using it a lot though....just in case I have some dry patches

2 band-aids. Cute Hello Kitty band-aids from the 100 Yen store.

3 chap stick. White peach from a 100 Yen store. I have kinda dry lips but nothing really seems to work 100% so I'm sticking to the cheap ones.

4 Marshmallow powder from canmake. It's a bit too dark but the texture is quite unique.

5 birth control. no more comment needed I guess ^^

6 pain killer. Because you never know.

7 anti-histamine from Japan which I got at my university.

8 brush from 100 yen store. I like that you can fold it.

9 Cute oil blotting paper from 100 Yen Shop. They work quite well.

10 Some more anit histamine...yay for hay fever -.-

11 microfiber cloth. For cleaning my glasses or the lens of my camera.

12 perfume. Currently "Little Secret" from Visilisa. The little bottle is also from the 100 Yen Shop.

13 soap. Yes, I'm carrying soap with me...

14 bobby pins and hair tie

15 hand sanitizer. Not only is this a Minnie Mouse special version, it also smells very, very nice~

16 nose spray. Another thing against the hay fever. Not really working though....

17 eye drops against the hay fever my doctor prescribed me

18 cold sore cream. Because I got a cold sore due to the stress...

19 eye drops from Japan. I love them because not only do they moisturize the eyes, they also have a cooling effect

20 mini tic tacs I got at university

21 Mickey Mouse mirror from the 100 Yen Shop (surprise! XD) It's quite big

22  sanitary wipes. I like to use those before eating something rather than the gel so I'm carrying around these as well. Maybe because in Japan you always get sanitary wipes in restaurants so I got used to that.

That was the content of my bag. I hope you liked it~
If you want to know more about something, just ask =^.^=


  1. Wow, das ist ja echt viel :D Ich nehm ehrlich gesagt nie was mit, weil meine Tasche mir so schon zu schwer ist, und wenn ich da noch Schminke etc. mitnehmen würde... Das höchste der Gefühle ist, dass ich meinen Kajal in die Tasche werfe zum Nachziehe und ihn dann die nächsten fünf Tage in meinen Schubladen suche, weil ich das vergessen hab :D
    Zu den eher trockenen Lippen: Ich habe mehrere Allergien und eigentlich hab ich nie Probleme mit den Lippen, aber wenn ich meine Mama besuchen fahre, die einen Hund und Kaninchen hat, drehen die durch und waren bis vor kurzem auch durch meterdicke Cremeschichten nicht zu bändigen. Dann allerdings habe ich gelesen, dass die meisten Cremes zwar durchaus feuchtigskeits"festhaltende" Stoffe enthalten, aber auch unnötige reizende, und die werden dann unter der Creme eingeschlossen und trocknen dann wieder aus. Man sollte also möglichst natürliche Sachen nehmen, zum Beispiel Vaseline. Hat mir auch tatsächlich geholfen, war aber in der Anwendung komisch und nur nachts eine Option :D Tagsüber gerettet hat mich dann der Urea-Lippenbalm von Balea, mit dem waren die echt sehr schnell beruhigt, taten nicht mehr weh und auch gut mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt. Vielleicht hilft das ja mal, und wenn nicht... der ist auch nicht teuer ^^

    1. Ja, das ist tatsächlich viel. Ich versuch ja immer was zuhause zu lassen, aber dann denke ich "das könntest du irgendwann brauchen!!!" Und ich bin auch immer der Versorger für alle Freunde XD
      Das meiste davon hab ich mir echt in Japan angewöhnt oO Und jetzt möchte ich es nicht mehr missen >___<
      Danke für den Tipp, werde es mal bei Gelegenheit ausprobieren. Bei mir ist auch oft das Problem, dass ich zu wenig trinke und meine Haut und meine Lippen nehmen mir das immer sehr übel -.-