Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

[Review] W7 Photoshoot Foundation

Time for another review: one of my favourite foundations~

First of: I have quite fair skin and looking for an affordable and light drugstore foundation in Germany is almost like going on an Odysee. I was really close to giving up, especially because I live on a quite tight budget and can't afford pricier foundation, the only ones that seem to offer fairer shades here. Then I found the W7 Photoshoot Foundation online and thought "why not give it a shot", especially since it was only around 4 Euro.

This says W7: The New Photo Shoot Foundation, leaves you with a flawless finish! Not only budge proof, but lasts upto 16hours. Create your look with W7 Cosmetics. Balanced shine with the oil free formula. Won't transfer onto clothes.


 The swatches look slightly dark but oddly it fits my skintone. They also seem to have a yellow undertone, which is perfect for my skin (another problem in Germany for me: a lot of foundations have a pink undertone).

  Naked face

 left side foundation, right side naked face

Whole face with foundation and doubled on some points


With concealer and powder

Effects: The foundation has a dewy finish and is quite lightweight. Even on those hot days it doesn't feel like suffocating my skin (I still sweat like crazy but I do that no matter what foundation I use or even if I don't use any at all....Yay for having a sweaty face -.-). It can't completely cover pimples on its' own but I still like the amount of coverage it gives. It doesn't really last 16h (honestly, I never believe that kind of stuff anyways), especially now in summer when I constantly wipe the sweat of my face (and the foundation and whole make-up with it) but it's enough for my needs. I really dislike the opening have to pour it out and it gets stuck most of the time...kinda annoying. A pumper would have been better.
There's also a smell to the foundation but it doesn't personally bother me too much. SPF is missing.

Repurchase: Especially considering the price I really like the foundation and will definitely repurchase it.

Pros: fair shades available, lightweight, cheap

Cons: doesn't last 16h, no pumper, no SPF

Overall: 4/5

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