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[Review] Maybelline Baby Lips (Japan Etd.)

  Today I will present to you a review of the Japanese Maybelline Baby Lips


 Those are the normal ones in "Mango Pie" and "Smoothing Cherry" plus the Color on in "Pink addict"

What Maybelline says:
Maybelline SPF20 Lip Balm has a Lip renew formula and 8-hr hydration for visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks. It is highly moisturizing and nourishing, repairing damaged lips with each application. It can soothe and condition your lips, preventing it from suffering from chapping, formation of wrinkles. Your lips look healthy and soft throughout the year, even under the very dry climate in winter! 

All in all there's currently 4 versions (Mango Pie, Smoothing Cherry/Sweet Cherry, Mix Berries & Cherry Velvet) and two others are already sold out (Fresh Mint & Juicy Orange). I only picked up those two when I stayed in Japan, which makes me kinda sad right now. Also they seemed to have renamed the Smoothing Cherry one to Sweet Cherry. As you can see the Mango one is not tinted at all and the Cherry one just very slightly (but that doesn't show on the lips). They have a nice smell, that is not too overwhelming. 

Texture: The texture is very smooth and I feel like they moisture my lips. They do not last the promised 8h moisture though (but let's be honest, I didn't really expect that).

Mango Pie

Smoothing Cherry

Pros: cheap (for Japanese standards), moisturizing, SPF 20, nice smell

Cons: outside of Asia only available online (at least Germany has different versions), some versions already sold out (TT___TT)

Overall: 4/5

The Baby Lips Color SPF13 (525yen) comes in five shades: 01 Sweet Beige, 02 Pink Addict, 03 Rose Pink, 04 Pop Red and 05 Baby Coral. The mint-scented tinted lip cream contains shea butter and jojoba oil to hydrate the lips. 

So, this is a tinted version. Maybelline Japan had a promotion event where you could register online and got one of those for free and I chose "pink addict". For me personally the most distinctive feature is the minty scent. I expected something fruity like the normal versions. It also leaves a minty feeling on the lips. It's moisturizing but sadly doesn't really leave any colour on my lips.

Pink Addict

Pros: SPF13, moisturizing

Cons: doesn't leave a lot of colour, most probably only available online outside of Asia

Overall: 3/5

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