Montag, 28. Juli 2014

[Test] Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask

I had this little guy flying around and today I decided to try it out: The Egg White Pore Maks from Skinfood.

Skinfood: A pore-refining caleanser with egg white extract that penetrates deeply into pores to remove pore-clogging oil.
[Egg white Story]Egg white, enriched with albumin, promotes firmer skin and smaller pores. 


Texture: The mask is white and has a clay-like texture. There's is no distinctive or strong smell. After you apply it and wait for about 10-15 minutes the mask slightly dries (just like a clay mask).

 derp face XD

After washing the mask off. The skin feels very smooth and I could see the dirt from the pores on my nose being slightly pulled out oO

close up

Effects: You can still see blackheads. But let's be real, blackheads are really hard to remove (if you have blackheads, you will probably know what I'm talking about....) and this mask is no magic (which I didn't expect it to be). If you wonder my nose is slightly red: after the mask pulled out the dirt a bit I removed the dirt with a cotton bud. All in all I'm quite satisfied with the mask since it managed to pull out the dirt at least a little bit.

Repurchase: Of course after using it only once, I can't give a full review, but the next time I'm getting Korean cosmetics I think I'll order a full size version.

Overall: 4/5

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