Samstag, 2. August 2014

[Empties] #01

These are the things I used up lately~
Alles was ich in letzter Zeit aufgebraucht hab~

1 Precious Mineral BB Cream from Etude House

Got this from a friend and decided to try it out last week. Very nice BB Cream. Not too heavy and not too light. I have enough BB Creams and Foundations right now but I think I'll consider it buying in future.
There will be an extra post soon.

2 Premium LuLuLun Sheet masks

This is a limited edition I got in Hokkaido with ingredients that can only be found in that area. This package contains 7 sheets. I liked them but they are a lot thinner than Korean sheet masks.

3 Holika Holika After Sports Mask Sheet
This is a mask sheet especially for applying after working out or sunbathing, since it's supposed to soothe the skin and reduce redness. I have quite a long way home after working out so it was kind of hard to judge whether the mask calmed my skin down or just because time passed. It's an okay mask but I won't purchase it again.

4 Etude House A-Z Mask Sheet "Y - Yogurt Strawberry"

Another Mask Sheet. It smelled nicely like yogurt strawberry and gave my skin moisture. Somehow the shape of etude house masks don't really fit my face though. The whole series is a really nice idea and you can test a lot of different masks. It's a nice mask when you don't have any trouble or special problem but just want to do something good for your skin.

5 Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask
I already wrote something about this here. All in all I really liked that mask and will purchase a full size sometime.

6 The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream
This was only a sample size. To me it was just a normal cream, nothing special, so I don't think I will repurchase it.

7 Hada Labo Hyaluronic Milky Lotion
This is the love of my life. I'm serious. I started using this, because my roommates in Japan used Hada Labo creams. Now I know why this brand is so popular in Japan. It's simply awesome. It made my skin sooo soft. And it's lightweight. It's without perfume and colorings. It doesn't seem to have SPF though. There's a lot of other versions, too.
It's quite expensive to order from Germany, so I'll wait till my boyfriend comes to visit me and beg him to get this for me >__<

8 Listerine Total Care Clean Mint
Got this because I had some problems with my teeth, but never ever again! It was way too strong and burnt in my mouth.

9 Pantene Pro-V Deep Repair Essence Leave-in treatment
I got it kinda by accident because I needed small sizes of shampoo and conditioner and this was included in a package. But now I love it and I'm really sad it's empty. It made my hair really smooth and shiny. It contains silicons. Sadly it doesn't exist in Germany so I'm currently looking for an alternative.
10 Balea Cleansing Gel
Cleanser from the house brand of the German drogstore chain dm. Nothing special and I'm happy I got another one. Not repurchasing it.

11 ISANA Handcream
handcream from another German drugstore house brand. It was too watery for my taste so not repurchasing it.

12 Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara
One of the most popular mascaras in Japan. I can see why. The texture is rather wet, but it gave me good results. Sadly old now, so I will probably beg my boyfriend for this as well "^^
Extra post will follow~

13 The Face Shop  Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Toner + Emulsion
I got these sample sizes when I bought something at a The Face Shop store in Seoul. Those two products were really lovely. The toner had shimmer/gold particles. The smell was really strong (my friend said rose but I'm not quite sure what it really is). It is on the pricier side so I'm still thinking whether to repurchase or not...

That's it. Hope you had a nice July and off to August~

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