Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Cosmetics from the 100 Yen store in Japan [pt.2]

I already posted about some cosmetics from the 100 Yen store in Japan here, 
but there's even more~

This post is mainly focused on tool, false lashes, nail art accessories, masks and random stuff.

As I said before, with products from the 100 Yen store there's always the chance of them being not good.

Powder puff and brushes

I honestly just bought this because they were a special Disney/Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse design "^^ (Yes, I fall for stuff like that).
I never used the powder puff because I use brushes to apply my powder. It feels very soft but I don't like puffs in general so I'm just keeping it because it's cute =D
The two eyeshadow brushes are surprisingly good. They're not the best brushes on earth but pretty decent. Definitely a good buy.
The bigger brush is a total fail. After washing it once it got really dry, it doesn't feel good on the skin and it doesn't really blend well. I just kept it until now because of the design...

Nail art stuff

I tell you, 100 Yen stores are heaven for this. While the nailpolishes are horrible the stickers and gems and tools are really cool. I'm not sure if really all of the 3 tools on the right are from a 100 Yen store but they should be.
For me nail art is fun and I normally switch my nail arts/colours after 2-3 days so especially when it comes to stickers and glitter and gems I don't want to spend too much money since they won't be on my nails for too long.
I must admit most nail art deco from 100 Yen stores can look very girly and sometimes even a bit tacky but I personally don't mind for a fun or girly nail art from time to time. You can play around and have fun without having to fear that you waste expensive nail stickers.
So if you like decorating your nails and you're in Japan, definitely look around in a 100 Yen store.

Masks, Point Pads and bubble sponge

The masks are not really good. They're fun to use because they have different textures (bubbles, gelee, yoghurt) but they don't really have an effect. So if you really want to do something for your skin, they're not the thing you are looking for.
I haven't used the Point Pads so far, but they looked funny. After my experience with the masks I'm not hoping for much...
The bubble sponge is a really cool thing. You use that to foam up your cleanser. It's really convenient and I always used them in Japan. This one I hesitate to use because it's so cute and I don't want it to break or get dirty >___<

Eyebrow mascara

I never saw an eyebrow mascara in German drugstores before I was in Japan, but now they seem to slowly become a trend. It's like a normal mascara, you just use it to fill in your eyebrows/to slightly change the colour of your eyebrows.
I personally have very thick and black eyebrows so I never really need to fill them in. However my hair is blonde so I thought why not try to lighten them up a bit with this mascara. Well...it's a nice gimmick for now and then but nothing I would use every day. It doesn't last that long on the eyebrows and it sparkled. Now that it dried up I will throw it away and probably not buy it again.

 Two eyelash cases

You can find various cases for fake lashes in 100 Yen stores. I especially like the Hello Kitty one, so cute! I like to carry it with me when I'm wearing fake lashes so when they annoy me or after a party I can store them in there and carry them home safely.
If you own a lot of fake lashes, those cases are definitely worth a look.

Now on to the actual fake lashes.

I never ever wore fake lashes before going to Japan. I never saw a reason to wear them and they are quite expensive here in Germany so I thought "why spend money, when I rarely wear them?"
But in Japan I could easily try a lot of them since they were only 100 Yen a pair or sometimes you can even get more for 100 Yen. 
Most of the time I wore them for special occasion such as parties or a special date. I don't know how they perfom if you wear them daily and I would advise you to buy more expensive fake lashes if you plan on wearing them a lot (I mean, there's a reason why they're only 100 Yen, right?). But for wearing them from time to time, they are really cool~
You should get another glue though. The glue that's in those packages sucks.

All in all I have to say, I found some cool stuff regarding cosmetics in 100 Yen stores. Of course not everything is good quality wise and even the good products are most of the time not comparable to brand products. You have to keep in mind, that you only spend 100 Yen per product. 
But you can try a lot of stuff and even if you end up not liking it you haven't wasted a lot of money.

Cosmetics I don't advise you to buy at the 100 Yen store:
  • foundation
  • powder
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow mascara
  • masks
  • skincare products in general (they have a good foot cream though)
  • nail polishes

So-so products from the 100 Store (you can buy them to try out new things but don't expect too much):

  •  brushes
  • lipsticks
  • eyeshadow (I got the feeling, that the brown shades are the best)
  • blushes
  • chapsticks

Cosmetics that you are worth a look if you're at a 100 Yen Store

  • nail deco
  • mascara
  • fake lashes
  • fake lash cases
  • nail art tools

Just have fun shopping around in 100 Yen stores =D


  1. Actually, the nail polishes are hit or miss. I bought two, because I liked the bottle design, and one was horrible, but the other one - surprise, nice coverage, quick drying, and stayed in top condition for a few days.

    Another thing that is good is the sponge and brush cleaner. Even pro make up artists use the daiso brand. Unlike many other daiso cosme products, this one is actually made in Japan. I used an expensive cleaner earlier, and then, just to try it out, I got the cleaner from daiso. It's better than the stuff from the drugstore. Doesn't damage the brushes and leaves them really clean.

    Another thing from daiso that is worth buying are the mega packs of disposable, synthetic applicator sponges. But look for the ones that are made in Korea. The stuff from Vietnam and China is dreadful.

    Have a great day!!!

    2catsinJapan from Japanese cosme blog

    1. I only tried one nail polish in a light green colour and it was truly horrible. But thanks for the tip, I will take a look around the next time in Japan.

      Oh really? Damn, I should have known that when I was in Japan. I always saw the brush cleaner but thought that I wouldn't really use it and that it probably isn't that great for 100 Yen so I always used soap. Now I feel awful for not trying it >___<

      Thanks for the tip! I hardly use sponges since we got a cheap version of the beauty blender (that sponge egg) here in Germany that works allright for me but I'm sure they would be awesome for nail designs!

      Now you made me wanna go back to Japan even more ^^

      Have a great day as well~