Freitag, 15. August 2014

Cosmetics from the 100 Yen store in Japan


If you have ever been to Japan I'm pretty sure you know about 100 Yen stores. During the one 1 year I lived in Japan 100 Yen stores became literally my saviour XD You can buy everything there. Yes, everything! And the quality of most things is not that bad if you consider they all only cost 100 Yen, which is roughly 1 Euro or about 70 Cents.

Of course I couldn't leave a 100 yen store without buying some make-up "^^
So, I decided to post about all the stuff I bought there and that was really good~

I have to say that I also bought an eyeliner, a mascara and make-up at a 100 Yen store. I was really surprised with the mascara, it was pretty good. I still liked the one from Heroine Make better though. The eyeliner wasn't really good so I wouldn't recommend that. The make-up was kinda horrible so don't buy that...


 Multicheek Blush in Orange, Mix Blush in Cute and a Nose Shadow

I never really used blush before going to Japan but when I saw them in the 100 Yen store I thought "why not". Afterall they're just 100 Yen, so even if they suck, I didn't loose a lot of money =D

The orange blush is really nice, especially in summer. It looks quite dark in the swatch but you can also apply it in a very subtle way. It's also not too sparkly.

The 4 colour blush is really cute, I think~ It's one pink shade, a pink-peachy shade, a peach shade and a white shade. You can mix by yourself and you can even use the two lighter colours as a highlighter. It's quite sparkly.

The Nose Shadow: it's a product meant for contouring your nose but in my opinion you can also use it for all of your face. The white shade has a nice, really subtle shimmer. The brown shade has a tiny bit more shimmer but nothing too obvious and is a true brown (no orange tint like some bronzers have).

Shiffon Eyeshadow in Twilight, Pearl in Eyeshadow in Brown and Fashionable Eyeshadow in Brown

100 Yen stores are heaven for Eyeshadows XD Some don't have really good quality (I had the Pearl in Eyeshadow in a blue and pink version and they were not that good...), but especially the brown shades are worth a try.

As you can see, both quads are pigmented pretty well. They all have shimmer and glitter. Something you have to get used to in Japan. Everything is sparkling oO
They are pretty good eyeshadows, especially considering the price.
My personal favourites are the two peachy shades from the Twilight quad (first shadow from left and third shadow from left).

Swatch from the bigger palette. This is also pigmented pretty well and nice colours for everyday. As the shadows before, they also all have shimmer and glitter "^^
But I think you can do quite a lot of make-ups with this palette so it's nice to have something like that.

Lipsticks. Oh boy. Just like with the blush, I never really liked lipstick before Japan but somehow I became a lipstick junkie oO
They are not the best lipsticks on earth but nice to play around and test out what you like and what you don't like.

La pensée in shades 05 and 06 and Shiny Lipstick in 12
Those are 3 matt shades. I was really surprised and happy to find matte shades in 100 yen stores. Especially the two La pensée lipsticks are really nice and became my favourite lipsticks in the autumn.

Winmax Pearl Rouge in 1 and Diamond Lipstick in Sunset and Coral.
The Winmax one is a really bright pink and I had my problems with it at first but it's a really nice summer colour. The two Diamon Lipstick ones are really glittery. Really. I'm not a fan of glitter but I'm still keeping them...

More Lipsticks "^^

Winmax Slim Lipstick in 4 and Crayon Lip in 02 Strawberry and 03 Apricot-Orange

I really, really like the Winmax Slim Lipstick. It's a wonderful nice pinky shade for everyday. Sadly I kinda broke the packaging -.-
The crayon lipsticks are kinda hard to apply and slip around on my lips. It was kinda cool to find them at the 100 Yen store because I think the craze about those kind of crayon lipsticks broke out in Germany just around the time when I was in Japan. I think I will look for something similar in here and compare them.

Swatches of all the lipsticks (yes, I'm the master of sloppy lipstick application >.<)

Menthol, Strawberry and White peach.

Chapsticks from the 100 Yen stores are really worth a try. They're not supre moisturizing but are perfect to just throw in your bag and apply them throughout the day. My favourite is the menthol one because it has such a nice smell and prickles a tiny bit on the lips.

All in all, I must say I was really surprised by the cosmetics from the 100 Yen stores. It's especially great when you want to try out something you weren't sure if it fits you. With a price of 100 yen per product you can't do much wrong and in the best case you get an awesome product. I really miss being able to shop around for new cosmetics at 100 Yen stores (especially since it seems like Can*Do released a cool new make-up line right now TT___TT).

I also tried some skincare products but I wouldn't really recommend them.

All of those products were bought at daiso or Can*Do. If you want to know which was bought at which store, just comment~

Of course I also had to buy a lot of fake lashes and nail accessories at 100 Yen stores which I will post soon =D


  1. I find the 100 yen makeup totally terrifying. At my old job we'd buy them for the kids to play with, as toys.
    Have a great weekend!!
    Japanese cosmetics blog

    1. It certainly isn't the best make-up on this planet "^^
      But I found it very nice to play around and test some new things...for example I was very unsure about blush and lipstick but with the products from the 100 Yen store I could test it out and find out what I like and what I want without wasting too much money.
      I must admit, I had a lot of misses though XD

      Have a great weekend as well~