Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

[Empties] #03

Hello everyone~

Can you believe it? September is already over. For me it was a very exciting month. My boyfriend came to visit and I turned in my Bachelor thesis, which means I am no longer a student and off to new adventures.
And of course I also used up quite a lot products ^^

I actually thought it wouldn't be that much "^^ Also, please excuse the messy background, I'm currently preparing to move

- Seabreeze Deo&Water in Emerald Sky. I actually used up another on in Peach but I always fill these in a cute spray bottle so I thought I showed this bottle instead. I like the Deo&Water series a lot. It doesn't have any effect as a deo for me (I sweat a lot) but it feels really refreshing and kinda minty on the skin, especially nice in summer or after working out. Definitely gonna repurchase it.

- The Body Shop Mango Body Butter. I bought this in Winter in Japan when I needed a lot of moisture (the aircon was drying out my skin) but back in Germany this was way too rich. I'm really happy I used it up and won't repurchase it.

- alverde Body peeling Coconut & Lotus (German drugstore brand). This smelled really nice but had a very strange texture. Kinda gooey. I liked that it was vegan (so no harm for environment and fishes by artificial beads) but I recently got into making my own body peelings so I won't repurchase it.

- The Faceshop Mango Seed Heart Volume Butter Samples. This seemed too rich for my face so I used it for my body. Nothing special, so I won't repurchase it.

- Wellness & Beauty Showergel Mango & Papaya (German drugstore brand). This was awesome. The smell is really fruity and like true mango and it gave enough moisture for my skin. Definitely repurchasing full size.

- Wellness & Beauty Showergel & Shampoo Oliveoil & Greentea (German drugstore brand). I liked the smell (I adore everything Green tea) but to be honest this was a bit rough on delicate skin areas (like my genital area - yeah, tmi, I know) but my boyfriend didn't seem to mind, so I guess it depends on the person. I'm not sure if I'll buy a fullsize version of this, maybe I'll look for another product from that scent.

- spitzner Shower cream (got it from my mom). This had the same consistency as shaving cream, that was really cool. The smell was kinda manly and husky. It was okay but I'm not buying it again.

- Schwarzkopf essence ultîme omega repair shampoo and conditioner. I bought those travel sizes for traveling (obvious reason is obvious). The smell was heavenly (my boyfriend said it smells like cake) but it wasn't better than the Shampoo and Conditioner I'm using right now so I'm not buying the fullsize version.

- LuLuLun face mask Hokkaido special edition. Oh boy, I'm really happy I'm done with them. The sheets are way too thin for my liking, the application didn't feel good and I couldn't see any effects. Not repurchasing it.

- Paul Smith Rose perfume. I got this from my dad's girlfriend a long time ago. I'm normally not too fond of a rosy smell but this was allright. I still have a lot of perfumes so not buying it.

- It's skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector sample. I remember I had one of those while I was in Japan (I think VE...maybe). VC is for brightening the skin. Of course, after one use you can't see any results. I don't think I'll purchase a fullsize version.

- It's skin Smart Solution silky sun block SPF 50+ PA+++ sample. The sun block was allright, not too sticky. But I'm using another one right now (from Innisfree) so not buying a full size.

- Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream. One of my favourite BB Creams. I had only left a tiny bit but didn't dare to use it. But Skin79 Germany is having a sale right now so I ordered a new one already and could finally finish this bottle =D

2 products that aren't finish but don't work for me:
L'oréal Studio Line #TXT Wave and alverde sensitiv deo Aloe Vera - Rice
Sadly I have no use for them so I will throw them away or ask friends if they want them.

That was it for now~
I took part in a challenge on instagram during september to show my make-up/cosmetics collection and will do a new one in october so maybe you want to take a look there as well.
There are many reviews waiting for this blog. If you would like to see any type of posts here don't hesitate to tell me ^^

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