Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

[Empties] #04

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing fine. I finally moved - yay, no more posts that start with “I’m currently stuck between boxes” XD On the downside my body didn’t handle the stress very well and I didn’t only catch a cold I also have to fight with pimples and herpes right now.

Despite all this I wanted to write a post about my empties this month. As always a lot of products collected in my little paper bag…

; Balea Bodybalsam Sensitive (German drugstore brand) – one of my all-time favorite body lotions. As a child I had mild neurodermatitis so I still have to be careful about what I put on my skin. However I also can’t stand textures that are too rich so this was perfect. Lightweight, so it absorbed quickly but still rich enough for my skin. I currently try to use up another body lotion but after that I will definitely repurchase this product.

; Balea Professional Tiefenreinigung Shampoo (German drugstore brand) – A deep cleansing shampoo. It was too strong to use it on my hair every wash but it was very good to clean my make-up brushes. For that purpose I will buy it again.

; Pantene Pro-v Repair&Care Conditioner – I really love this conditioner. I have thick, dry and bleached hair so I need a rich conditioner. I already repurchased it.

; Bodysol Buttermilk & Lemon Shower gel – My mom got me this. It was all right and smelled nice but I have no idea where she got this and it wasn’t so good that I can’t live without it so not buying it again.

; Bifesta Eye make-up remover – I really liked this product. I already wrote a review here and the biggest plus was that it removed my Japanese mascara pretty well (they can be a bitch to get off your lashes…). I’m currently using one from a German drugstore that also seems to work really well. If it turns out the German one is as good as the Bifesta one I’ll continue using the German one until I get back to Japan.

; Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener - as I wrote in my review here I was quite disappointed with this product since I had high expectations. I’m happy it’s finally empty and I’m currently using a toner from Mizon

; Balea Eyecream (German drugstore brand) – was okay but now I’m trying one with anti-aging properties.

; It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector – Since this was only a sample I can’t say a lot. I used two other versions in Japan because they were on sale but I can’t remember particularly liking them.

; Balea Teatree food cream (German drugstore brand) – Was okay but I didn’t like the smell so I bought another one.

; Etude House, I need you mask sheets in Mango, Acai Berry, Bamboo and Tea Tree – I liked them more than the sheet masks in their A-Z series because they fit my face a lot better. I ordered some masks sheets from tonymoly that I wanna try but I’ll probably gonna repurchase these ones here sometime in the future.

; Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch – These were so much fun to use. Made me really look like a panda (I posted a picture on my Instagram) and felt really good. Probably gonna buy these again.

; My Burberry sample – smelled nice but not so good that I would buy the full-size

; green glitter eyeliner – I’ve had this for years but never used it and it’s slowly getting bad so I threw it out.

; Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara (German drugstore brand) – this didn’t work on my lashes at all and clumped so it’s going in the trash can.

; p2 absolute color lipsticks in 121 milky chai and 101 vibrant Barolo (German drugstore brand) – another two products to throw away… they went bad, smelled funny and the texture was strange

; canmake base coat – That was a nice base coat but it got thick towards the end and I couldn’t reach the polish with the brush anymore so bye bye. Probably gonna buy it again when I’m in Japan.

; p2 your wild side black matte nail polish (German drugstore brand) – it’s quite old so it doesn’t have a matte finish anymore. That kinda defeats the purpose of a matte nail polish plus I have a matte top coat so this is going as well.

; p2 pure color lipstick in 110 Place de la Concorde (German drugstore brand) – another lipstick gone bad. Strange smell and strange texture. Also the color made me look really pale and sick.

; lipstick I got as a present a long time ago. The color doesn’t fit me at all and I have so many lipsticks so I decided to get rid of this one.

; Sundance chapstick (German drugstore brand) – this is very old and started smelling funny so gone with it.

; essence XXXL lipgloss in 03 very berry (I think) (German drugstore brand) – The texture of this is awful …it feels so sticky and the color showed up weird on my lips so this is gone as well.


There were quite a lot of products that I decided to throw out this time but I took moving flats as an opportunity to get rid of stuff I don’t need or use anymore.

Once I get settled here I hope I have more time to blog again…I miss posting regularly on here ^^

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