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[Review] Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 02 Framboujoise

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I hope you're all doing fine. Due to moving in one week I'm currently sitting on the floor while writing this entry since my desk and chair is already gone "^^

I wanted to review one of the products I bought in Paris after reading a few good reviews online.

What they say:

Exclusive formula: Matte finish and incredibly light.
Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois is the new era of lipsticks. An amazing, irresistible formula.
Its soft, melting texture glides on to the lips and turns into a matt, velvety and incredibly light colour. Lips are left smooth and soft as velvet.
Enriched with evanescent oils, it’s incredibly sensuous formula provides a soft, second-skin feel, without drying or fading lips.

Couldn't find the ingredients list

The packaging looks really nice in my opinion, a square, see-through, plastic little bottle that shows the actual color of the product. The applicator is a generic sponge that still gives a good application.

The texture is very creamy and smooth, almost velvety. It feels very good on the skin when you swatch it and even better on your lips. It glides on so smoothly it's almost unbelievable.
One point that's a bit of a turn-off is the smell. I can't even describe the smell, I just know that I don't like it. Thankfully it vanishes pretty soon and isn't too bad on the lips.

Swatch on my hand

In the swatch the color looks kinda pale but that's partly the lightning in my room and because it was applied pretty thinly. When applying on the lips you have a bit of control of how opaque you want the color to be. However all the shades are on the bolder side and the product is pigmented pretty well so you won't achieve a very natural look with this product.

Bare lips

Product applied

Full-face make-up
The description says it's a matte finish, however I would rather describe it as semi-matte/velvety finish. Which I honestly prefer because it doesn't make my lips look flat but it still isn't full-on shiny or shimmering. The lasting power is really good. Of course it will rub off to some degree when you drink and eat but still I had some color left after being out for about 6 hours without touching up. Even when I took off my make-up in the evening there were residues left on my lips.
I can also confirm that the formula doesn't dry out the lips. Of course they don't feel baby-smooth like when you apply lip balm but they still feel good after wearing it for hours. For which I'm really thankful, I have rather dry lips so most matte formulas are a no-go for me.
The color I chose is a really nice shade for the colder weather. I'm actually kinda sad I only picked up one color since Bourjois isn't available in Germany. But I will definitely repurchase this somehow once it's empty.

Pros: not drying, long lasting, nice pigmentation, matte/velvety finish

Cons: kinda strange smell, not availabe in Germany

Overall: 4/5

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