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[Review] Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara

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 I finally have some time to relax and calm down, so I hope I can keep up with blogging regularly here =D

Today I have a review on one of my favourite Mascaras: The Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara from Heroine Make.

What they say: 

Contains 5mm fibres to extend lashes; they do lengthen lashes and give a very clean and natural look, but if you don’t work fast, you DO get some tiny clumps along the length of the lashes.
Curved brush allows you to easily reach corner lashes, and also helps you to lift and curl your lashes during application. 
Formula holds curl very well. I did not curl my lashes before use and the mascara managed to lift them. 
Expect clean fine length.

Ingredients: I tried to find them but couldn't. I checked the ingredients for the normal version and everything looks fine so I'm assuming this one is okay as well.

 The packaging looks very different from the normal version. While the normal version looks rather girly and sweet in pink with a black cap the Super Waterproof version looks more sophisticated, in shiny black with silver letters and a rose-gold/silver cap.
While packaging is not a major point for me when it comes to mascara I definitely prefer the packaging of the super waterproof one.

This mascara is a fiber mascara, meaning there are small, little fibers in the formula meant to make your lashes even fuller and longer.
The long & curl version has a curved wand as you can see here while the volume & curl version has a straight wand.
I normally prefer wands made from rubber but I don't mind that much in this case since the mascara performs fairly well.
The fibers can sometimes clump in the wand which can be annoying.

bare lashes
1 coat of mascara
2 coats of mascara

I really like the effect this mascara gives. I never curl my lashes before applying mascara so the effect might be even greater when you do. The curl still holds the whole day and the mascara is a true black, no sign of a greyish hue.
I have to admit that the mascara sometimes tends to clump so you should be careful when applying. The website states that you first should use the wand with the curve pointing upwards and then again with the curve pointing downwards. I'm lazy so I always only use it with the curve pointing upwards XD 
It is certainly not a very dramatic look but I really like it for everyday use, especially when using only light shadows.

It is sometimes advised that you don't use fiber mascaras while wearing contacts. I never really had a problem but if you have sensitive eyes you might want to pay special attention. 
Also, you should refrain from poking your eyeball with the mascara wand. Sound pretty obvious but since I'm clumsy I managed to do exactly that. And it wasn't nice. So yeah...just try to not do that -.-

While this mascara is indeed super waterproof and you can dance in the rain or cry for hours without the mascara budging even one millimeter it also means that it's a bitch to get off. When I used the normal version about a year ago for the first time and then wanted to take it off at the end of the day I was faced with a true challenge. So, if you get this mascara, also invest in a good eye-makeup remover, you will need it!

All in all, this is really one of my favourite mascaras! Next I wanna try the volume & curl version since volume is rather my concern than length.

Pros: waterproof, long lasting curl, true black, nice effect

Cons: hard to get off, can clump

Overall: 4/5

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