Montag, 5. Januar 2015

[Review] Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

 Hello lovelies~

I hope you started the new year well! I'm currently staying at a friend's house because I have some appointments at my old university next week and thought why not stay a little longer and reminisce about my student life XD
But I still wanted to post something here so I decided to bring my tablet and post some overdue reviews.

What they say:
This lip tint gel with tomato extract nourishes and moisturizers lips, while giving a long-lasting flush to lips.

 Sadly couldn't find the ingredients list oO

It seems like Skinfood changed the packaging from red to orange since the official site only lists this product with the orange packaging. Why would you do that Skinfood? The red was so much nicer in my opinion and fitted the name so much better... when I think of tomatoes I think about red not orange... You can still get the orange version on some websites, memebox has two shades and roseroseshop four shades.
There also seem to be only three shades instead of formerly four shades. (you can still get the light pink one on roseroseshop).

old packaging and four shades

new packaging and three shades

The packaging is isn't a sophisticated, high-end looking fancy tube but still not overly cute or girly even with its' bright red color. To me, it is just perfect for this product. It is also slim and lightweight so its pretty easy to bring along with you.

The lipstick has a distinct smell. I just can't figure out what kind of smell. It's kinda herbally and fruity... definitely on the pleasant side tough ^^
swatch... somehow my camera didn't want to focus...

I got mine in the color 2 Berry Tomato which isn't a berry color like the name could suggest but rather a very subtle pinkish color.


This product glides on very smoothly and feels creamy. It's a very nice feeling and moisturizing. My lips are naturally on the dry side so this product isn't enough to fully moisturize them but it also doesn't dry them out which is great. It has a rather sheer coverage which was perfect for my part-time job since I could have something on my lips without overdoing it. It fades quite evenly, but sadly it doesn't last too long. I would say it's a nice everyday product for a rather natural look.

Pros: creamy texture, non-drying, pleasant smell (depends on personal taste though), sheer coverage for natural look

Cons: not too long lasting

Overall: 4.5/5

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