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[Review] Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

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Today I will bring you the review of a make-up product that I feel you cannot not know about if you have even the tiniest interest in Japanese make-up:
The Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner~

What they say:
The instant-fit liquid eyeliner dries quickly. Smudge-free formula is resistant to sweat, water, and tear. The vivid black line lasts all day long. Fine point brush.

Ingredients: couldn't find a list TT___TT

This was actually one of my first make-up products I bought during my stay in Japan XD

This is already my second one. The packaging is changing frequently but always very girly and in light, pastel colors. There's only two colors: deep black and brown.
You can see the new packaging on the official website.

The product is in a pencil/felt-tip form, which I really enjoy. I somehow can handle those liners the best.
The sharp brush tip is very good to paint very precise lines.


Now on to the thing that disappointed me: the texture is quite watery and in order to get a really black line you need to draw over the same line a few times more than often. You can see it in the swatch picture with the fine lines in the middle. They look rather transparent.

I want my black liner to be black. Deep black. And I want it with one stroke, maximum of two strokes. This liner is not really doing this.
On the other hand this liner is rather smudge- and sweat-proof. I wore it in the hot and humid summer in Tokyo and it stayed in place for quite a while and even after 8 hours it didn't look too terrible.

If it wasn't for the watery texture this would be my HG eyeliner, since it has a sharp brush tip and is pretty smudge- and sweat-proof. But everytime I use it I have to use several strokes to get a real black line, it almost makes me angry.
So I will go on looking for my HG eyeliner (Clio's looks pretty good...)

Pros: smudge- and sweat-proof, sharp brush tip, lasts pretty long

Cons: watery texture, not black enough

Overall: 3/5

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