Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2015

[Empties] #06

Hello my pandas,

Today is the last day of 2014. Can't believe this year is already over. It has been a very eventful year for me and I'm actually looking forward to 2015. 2014 is also the year when I started blogging and although I'm still at the very beginning of this journey it has been really fun so far and I hope I can continue on this path =D
 I hope you have a great start into the new year and all your wishes will come true!!

As my last post I have empties (very fitting, I know XD)

very crowded overview XD

Cien Shower Gel San Francisco (Jasmine & Bergamot) -  I wanted to try a shower gel from the discounter but this was meh. Not buying again.

Fa Vitalize & Power Shower Gel Pink Grapefruit - This was supposed to be a shower gel for the morning with a fresh scent to wake me up but I didn't really like it. Not repurchasing it.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Care Conditioner - My favourite conditioner. Unless I find something else that sweeps me off my feet I will keep buying this.

Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner - My holy grail toner. I love this stuff to pieces and already bought another bottle.

Tonymoly I'm Real Makgeolli Mask (Skin Purifying) - I already really liked the other mask from this series I used last month and this was great as well. The smell is kinda perfumy but not overwhelming. Already ordered some more.

Etude House Acai Berry Mask - Kinda meh. Since I like the masks from Tonymoly better I won't buy it again.

Skin79 BB Cleanser - got this sample when I bought my BB Cream. Wasn't anything special and the scent was kinda weird so I won't buy the fullsize version.

Dior One Essential (Essence/Serum) - Got this at work and it broke me out!!! For once I tried a high-end cosmetic product and it broke me out...definitely not buying the fullsize version.

Konjac sponge - I bought this at a German drugstore but wasn't too amazed by it. It was sold in wet condition and I read online that this means that a lot of preservatives are added. Plus it already got some mold. Maybe I'll try some of the more expensive ones some day but definitely not buying this one again. If anyone has a recommendation, please tell me!

Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in 0 Transparent - Finally! It felt like I already had this powder for ages. It was quite allright but I have another one to use up and I set my eyes on the Innisfree No-Sebum Powder so not buying it again.

P2 Ultra Matte Concealer in 010 Matte Shell - This was a really good concealer. Light enough for my skintone, not drying and just perfect for under the eyes. Sadly it's not being produced anymore.

p2 Quick Dry spray - this was a stupid product! It didn't help my nailpolish to dry faster at all and just made my nails and fingers oily and slippery -.- So not buying it again.

This was my last post for this year~
Hopefully I can devote more time to this blog next year. If you have any idea, suggestions or complaints, please let me know =D

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