Dienstag, 7. April 2015

[Review] Aritaum Mono Eyes

Hello pandas,

How are you doing? I hope you had a lot of fun egg hunting and eating too much chocolate bunnies during Easter =D Since my family is reduced to grand-pa, mom and me and grand-pa is not that well anymore it was a rather calm and uneventful time for me.

So I decided to finally take decent pictures for a product review I had already wanted to post for quite a while:

What they say:
This trendy eye color can be selected according to style and taste. Compose your own makeup colors with four kind of Mono eyes.

 Ingredients: I couldn't find a list, not even on the official site. But it's eyeshadow...so I don't think there is any super dangerous or super beneficial ingredient.

The four kinds written above refer to the different textures of the Mono eyes: baked, wet processed, cream & pressed. Pressed is further divided into pressed glitter, pressed satin glitter and pressed matte.

I have No.4 which is a shimmery bronze-copper colour from the baked range named "Like Sunset" and No.87 which is a deep pinkish red color from the pressed mattes range named "Orchid".

The packaging is a round black plastic container with a see-through part on top and resembles the MAC eyeshadows. I personally don't own any MAC eyeshadows so I can't compare them in any other way than the packaging.

 The Aritaum Mono Eyes have quite a good color pay-off. While the baked one feels a bit dry and chalky to the touch the pressed matte one is buttery and soft.

I tried to create a look with both colors which wasn't the most easy task for one specific reason. I have hooded eyelids. Little rant: Hooded eyelids suck when it comes to applying eyeshadows. Basically you spend a lot of time blending and putting on colors and once you open your eyes you can't see any of them anymore. And every eyeshadow creases because of the skin in the crease is folded...and even if you manage to create a decent look taking pictures is even harder. *rambles*

Anyways, here is what I could manage to come up with:

No.04 all over the lid. As I mentioned before this eyeshadow feels a bit dry so applying it evenly all over my lid required some work and even with a lot of patting and blending it is still a bit patchy. I suggest taking a rather dense brush and patting it on. Still it is a very nice color.

Put No.87 in the corners of my eye. This eyeshadow has really good color pay-off so you should be careful and blend well. It gives off a very nice effect though. When blended the color looks more pink than it does in the container but still on the red side.

 Added eyeliner, mascara and very light inner corner highligh. Here you can see what I meant with "opening your eyes will make most of the colors vanish".

Here are the two eyeshadows and brushes I used. Zoeva blender brush I used to apply No.87 and blend it a bit, the two dense brushes I used to apply No.04 and blending brush.

Despite my problems with eyeshadows and creating nice looks in general (aka hooded eyelids) I am really impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. They are strongly pigmented, can be blended well and last quite long. I also like that Aritaum offers quite a few "unusual" colors like dark reds, pinks, oranges, etc. My only minor complaint would be that the No.04 is a bit dry and can be patchy on the eyelid but it isn't something that is really bothering me or would make me turn away from the product.
I definitely want to try other shades and the other types like cream, wet processed, etc.
Especially for the price they retail at I can't really find any major complaints.
The official site states a price of 5000 Won (roughly 4,70 Dollar), testerkorea sells them for 45000 Won/6300 Won (new shades) and Jolse is currently offering a 2+1 deal for ~17 Dollar.

Pros: good quality for the price, quite large range of colors, good color pay-off

Cons: No.04 is a bit dry and chalky

Overall: 4.5/5


  1. Great review! I can't wait to pick these up when I'm in korea!

    1. Thank you for your comment! These must be great to shop in a physical store since you can swatch all of the colors there =D Have fun shopping in Korea!