Freitag, 3. April 2015

[Empties] #08

Hello pandas,

How are you doing? It's been quite a while since I posted here...somehow the time was flying away without me really noticing it "^^

But here I am again with a classic: empties

- Glisskur Hair Repair Ultimate Oil Elixir: This was a liquid hair treatment. How I hated wasn't doing anything to my ends and was just wet and ewww. I'm happily going back to hair oil and will never buy it again.

- Tonymoly super peeling liquid: Ha, this was fun =D It was my first time using such a foot peeling. I made the mistake of using it a few days before going to a convention so my feet were peeling while I was walking the whole day in cosplay aka not the most comfortable shoes lol But it was really cool and I'm definitely buy one again before summer.

- HadaLabo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Cleanser: it was a good cleanser that has the right pH. But since I'm a lazy person I'm favoring self-foaming cleansers so I'll probably not buy it again. I wrote a review here.

- Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment: This was really nice. But it is a bit on the pricier side, I still have some of the Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream left and I want to try out the Cosrx Snail product so I'm not sure if I will buy a full-size.

- Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Green Tea: I already wrote a review here. This was meh and the rest dried up so I'm rather happily throwing it out.

- no name eyeshadow: This was sitting in my storage for a really long time. The shadow once broke and I put it in a little container. However I have other matte lack eyeshadows so I'm throwing it away.

- Manhattan Multi Effect eyeshadow in red: This broke as well. Also the color is not really that nice so it's going as well.

- Dolly Wink glitter eyeshadow cream: I got this as a present when I bought the liner in Japan. It's awful. Truly awful. Big chunks of glitter in a hard cream....and looks just bad when applied. So it's going to the rubbish as well.

- Nail stickers from Japan: They looked like a good idea but they're not working on my nails and it looks pretty stupid. So I'll either give them to a friend (if anyone wants it) or throw them away as well.

- Tonymoly I'm Real Mask in Lemon and Rice: Some of my favourite masks!! Cheap, without alcohol, nice scents and just comfortable masks. Will definitely repurchase.

- The Faceshop Real Nature Mask in Honey: After the disaster with the green tea mask from this series - it smelled like pure alcohol, yuk - this one actually smelled nice. But it contains alcohol which I try to avoid so not rebuying it.

- Holika Holika Before Date Mask Sheet: The idea of this series sounded cute (after and before sheet masks) but it also contains alcohol and the sheet is very thin. Not rebuying it.

- Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Lemon: Got this in my first bag of Mask Maven. But the same problem as always: alcohol -.- Not rebuying it.

- DayLight & Hue: This was also in my Mask maven bag. And surprise: no alcohol! The sheet mask was quite nice but herb isn't my favourite scent/flavour. They have a green tea version, I might check that one out.

- Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack: This is raved about online and it was really nice in my opinion. No alcohol, soothing, lots of essence and nice sheet. Will buy again.

- Etude House Soft Clay Pack Sample: This was perfect when I stayed at a friends house, no need to bring my huge jar of clay mask. The mask itself was allright but not good enough to make leave my beloved Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. So not buying full-size.

Not so much products this months but more sheet masks. I'm trying to use up all the back-ups and double products so I don't have too much stuff I have to bring with me when I move to Japan (it's still more than is probably normal...why do I own so much stuff?!).
Anyways, I have some reviews planned and hopefully I'll get them done since I will start my internship next week =D

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