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[Review] Holika Holika Pro:Beauty Bloody Oil Tint

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how are you doing? It's already the last week of Time is flying!

This time I bring you a review of a product that made me really excited to try out:

What they say:
A highly pigmented oil lip tint for everlasting bloody tinted lips

Ingredients: couldn't find a list...neither on the product nor online -.-

(If you are wondering why this picture looks strange...I had to take a picture of the packaging upside down because the damn thing woudln't stand on the bottom -.-)

You probably may not know this, but vampires are my favourite fictional creatures. I don't even really know why but I'm instantly interested in anything that features vampires (except one certain series...).
So when I saw the packaging of this product and the name of this particular shade - "bloody vampire" - I had to buy it!
I mean...look at the  blood streaming down the paper packaging. I'm a sucker for such details. Shows that the company (or at least the creative heads behind the product) invested some time and thoughts in the overall concept.

It is an oil tint, which means that the product has two different phases, one oil phase and one color phase. Very similar to those oil eye make-up removers.
And just like them you shake the bottle before applying it. Although with an oil tint you can also apply the product without having shaken the bottle before.

before shaking
The design of the actual container is very appealing to me. The see-through part is made of plastic but despite that it doesn't look cheap. The lid is a shiny black metall-ish material making the product look sleek (the white things in the following picture are dust/cat hairs...the joy of living with a cat "^^)

The applicator is a sponge applicator (that I totally forgot to take a picture of....shame on me).
And my favourite part: you can see the two separated phases but little droplets of the color part will always float around in the oil part and it does look bloody! Definitely gives off a vampire vibe~

The product has a very, very faint scent that I couldn't really pinpoint but it's not an unpleasant scent.
The consistency is liquidy-oily. It definitely comes out liquidy but you also oily at the same time. It's quite an interesting consistency for a lip tint.

freshly applied

smeared/patted in

I tried to make two swatches - one before shaking the bottle, one after - to show the different effect I have seen from other bloggers but obviously I'm too stupid to do that. I get pretty much the same result whether I'm shaking the thing or not. I think my applicator might already be soaked with color. Or it's because I'm not storing the bottle just standing, it sometimes flies around somewhere on my vanity or storage or somewhere else "^^

not shaken
On these pictures it even looks like I get a more opaque result when I didn't shake the thing...
That is also my main complaint: I seem to be too stupid for the application. As you can see it looks very shiny/oily and I have my problems spreading the product nicely on the lips to get an even look. It easily looks patchy on my lips and also tends to bleed on the contours of my lips. It is slowly getting better so it seems like I just need some practice. And I have to remind myself to use less product, this one is really easy to overuse.
Apart from that, I love it!
The color is gorgeous and definitely does deserve the name "bloody vampire". Not really an everyday color (at least not for me, since I work in an office) but I feel so great wearing it.
Since I'm a messy eater and always manage to rub off my lipstick in a few hours this tint didn't really survive all too long either but I love how it doesn't leave my lips dry - probably thanks to the oil. It does stain pretty well on your fingers and hands as well so be careful when applying/swatching.

Definitely a recommendation!! The application might take some practice until you get an even result but it's worth the work!

Pros: cool name, nice color, doesn't dry out, fairly long lasting, sleek packaging

Cons: application was a bit difficult for me

Overall: 4,5/5

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