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[Aritaum] Honey Melting Tint

Hey pandas,

how you're doing? I really wanted to stick to my normal posting schedule but then I got a migraine on sunday and was down almost the whole day -.-
Anyways...after the last quite unusual entry I will now go back to my roots and write an oldie but goodie: a review!

What they say:
1.Lip balm and tints melt and gather as one ! Honey melting tints
2.Smooth spread honey melting formula

Couldn't find them oO Well, it's a lip product so probably nothing too surprising here. But I would have liked to know whether there's really some honey ingredient in it or not.

I really like the design. It does look quite like a chapstick, especially with the bright, bubbly color but it always makes me happy to look at it.
The color on the outside corresponds with the color of the actual product, in my case peach crumble and a vivid peach on the outside. A nice touch and it looks probably really nice if you have different colors and you store them together.
The consistency of the product is also very much like a chapstick. Smooth and easy to apply.

The smell is awesome!!! Sweet and peachy, a bit like the Korean drink "2%". It is quite strong though so people sensitive to fragrances are definitely gonna hate this product. It doesn't linger for long once you applied it but you can definitely smell it while applying. I'm now really curious how the others smell like, since they are almost all named after fruits, desserts, etc.

The color is also really nice. And...IT'S A PEACH!!! If you've read some of my other reviews of lip products that were supposed to be peach you know that I was always disappointed. Always! It made me so angry! But finally, Aritaum delivered. Thank God. It is a bit orangey but definitely more peach than any other Korean lip product named "peach" I tried. The color is very vivid and I think it's one of those colors that you either love or hate. Depending on the rest of your make-up and/or clothes the color can be too bright sometimes. I personally like it but also cautiously wear it.

One thing that I did wrong the first times using this product: overapplying it. Since it looks like a chapstick and has a chapstick like formula, I applied it like a chapstick. Generously applying a few layers. Obviously not the way to do it, I ended up looking ridiculous. For this color, one layer works best, maybe smoothing it out a bit by smacking your lips or using your fingers.
On the lips the product feels a bit more sticky than an actual chapstick but nothing too uncomfortable. It does indeed remind me of honey.
A bad thing is that it can accentuate the dry patches. Especially with this vivid color, if you're using too much, it will cling to dry patches and emphasize them.
It does wear off quite quickly (just like a chapstick would) but thanks to it not drying out the lips it is a nice way to add some colour and hydration to your lips. I wouldn't really see this product as a typical  lipstick but more like a heavier pigmented chapstick-like product. The bad points aren't that grave for me personally and this color is such a nice summer colour so I really like this product. I will definitely look for other colors as well.

Pros: nice range of colors, moisturizing, good colour payoff, actually a peach colour, vivid colour, nice smell

Cons: can accentuate dry patches, wears off rather quickly

Overall: 4/5

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