Montag, 8. Juni 2015

[Empties] #09

Hey pandas,

some of you may have noticed (or not) that I have been gone for quite a few days. Apart from being busy with work - as always - there was another reason that I will tell you about in the next post.
For now, here are my empties for May:

I'm currently trying to use up a lot of back-ups and double version of products since I'm moving to Japan in October. And since I'm a fail I keep buying stuff OTL

Le Petit Marseiliais Vanilla Milk Shower Gel: I think I said this before but I realy like Le Petit Marseiliais. They remind me of childhood trips to France. This one smelled really nice but also quite rich. So it's probably better for winter time. Will probably purchase some time in the future.

German drugstore intimate wash: this may be tmi for some people but after learning that the vagina/intimate zone has a different pH than the skin on the rest of the body (yeah, that should have been obvious, I know) I started to use a special intimate wash. And I really think that it feels better. Already repurchased.

Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner: one of my favourite toners (review here). What can I say: smells nice and does its job. Will repurchase after I finised the Cosrx toner.

Rival de Loop Eye-makeup remover: this was pretty good. But I'm currently using another one so not rebuying it.

Cien nailpolish remover: this was pretty nice! No acetone and was doing its job. But I also tried another one that is pretty good as well.

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant: my favourite deodorant! I'm quite a heavy sweater and with this deodorant I stay smell-free the whole day. Will rebuy in conjunction with the Rexona one.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe masks (Apple Yoghurt, Pomegranate, Rice): the rice one and apple yoghurt one was quite good, the pomegranate was so-so (review here). Sadly they dried up in the refridgerator because I kinda forgot about them. Maybe I'll buy another one but not right now.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Erase: I hated that thing. It's not even empty, I'll throw it away. It felt so silicony and heavy and bleh....definitely not rebuying it.

Tonymoly Mini Bunny Handcream: this was really nice, I had this in my purse. Even cut it open to use all of it. I'm currently using another handcream but I will consider buying it again.

Rival de Loop Eyecream: was allright. I'm currently trying another one and when I'm in Japan I'll look for an eyecream there so I won't repurchase it.

Handsoap: I had that handsoap from a hotel or something in Japan. It was cute and smelled like strawberries so I carried it with me. But it's not something that I really need so not rebuying it.

Sheet Masks!!!!!!

The Tonymoly I'm Real sheet masks are a staple, I love them. Here I used makgeolli and rice.
Hues&Days (herbs), Dermal (Syn-ake) and Holika Holika (Mango) were in a Mask Maven bag from beauteque. They were allright but sadly the Holika Holika one has alcohol in it so not rebuying it.
The Tosowoong Pure Snail Mask was really nice and didn't have alcohol. I have a few green tea ones on my way and can't wait to try them.
My Beauty Diary Coix Seed was allright, nothing to special. There's other versions of MBD Masks that I'm more interested in.

Tonymoly Dual Effect Intense Sleeping Mask sample was good when I stayed at a friends house for a week-end but I didn't notice any dramatic effect in the morning. I'll use the other samples of this soon, maybe they'll sweep me off my feet...

That was it for this month's empties, hoped you enjoyed it =D

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