Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

My first Cosplay

Hey pandas,

I promised I would write about the reason why I was kinda mia the last days.
Two weeks ago there was an event called "Japan Day" in Düsseldorf. While I studied there I always took part in that event and I wanted to do that one last time before I move to Japan.
And I took that as a chance to do something I always wanted to do: a real cosplay.
I tried cosplaying before but it always ended up only half-way done or something really, really simple.

Not this time - I said to myself and so I was trying to complete that cosplay while working 8-9 hours a day. Boy that was exhausting!
In general really fun although there were some quite frustrating moments (those bootcovers...urgh!).
Since this is my first real cosplay there's quite a lot of parts that I'm not 100% happy but I think I did quite well for the first time.
I purchased the wig and contacts from uniqso and I just love the wig. It was quite long and curly and cutting it kinda hurt but the short turquoise hair looks also quite cool.

Sadly the weather on that day was quite bad and we had only time for 3 pictures. It still was a very fun and awesome experience. 1-2 people even called out.

The best part: I could be a character that I deeply respect and love.
Bulma was an inspiration to me when I was younger.
Back in primary school I was the nerdy girl with heavy glasses. I like mathematics and science and reading and learning was so much fun to me. However, at least to my experience, intelligent girls are not really what this society wants. I can't count the times people told me "you won't find a guy easily, you're too intelligent" "maths, why would you like maths?!".
Looking at western popular culture media products there is also a pattern with "intelligent women". Most of them aren't what you would describe as a traditional beauty and on top of that often have problems with "normal" social interaction.
Bulma was a quite refreshing character. She is beautiful - next to C18 she's the hottest female character of DBZ to me - and intelligent. While she does have some bad/annoying sides she is valued by her friends for her intelligence. It isn't something that's hindering her; instead it's empowering her. She doesn't take bullshit from anyone. To her, being crafty, intelligent, "nerdy" comes naturally and she's proud of it. On top of that she fell in love with a prince - at that time a very proud, arrogant and dangerous one - and didn't let anything stop her from being with him.
Thanks Bulma for being an inspiration and thanks to Toriyama for creating such a character.
It was a pleasure to be her even if it was for just a short amount of time.

I will probably go back to this cosplay in future and improve a few parts.

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