Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

[Review] Nature Republic Glow Lipstick

Hey pandas,

How are you doing? I pre-wrote this entry on the week-end and scheduled it to be published now so I can focus on my internship during the week and you still can regularly read entries here. Hopefully blogger did actually schedule and post this entry.

This time it's a review of a lipstick that doesn't seem to be so well-known:

The Nature Republic Glow Lipstick

What they say:
Glow Lipstick provides vivid color and moisture to your lips as it softly melts on your lips.

I couldn't find a list but most sites say that it contains mango butter as the main moisturizing ingredient.
It is also paraben, benzophone and talc free.

I wanted to try a Korean lipstick and I heard a lot of people raving about the Innisfree lipsticks but then I saw someone on youtube mentioning this here and I bought it.

They do not have a range of colors as wide as Innisfree but still offer nice choices.

The packaging is very similar to the Innisfree lipstick: a matte white slim packaging with Nature Republic printed on it. I think it looks very elegant but it is also easy to get dirt on it.
The product contains 3,6g of lipstick.

The smell is really lovely and has a hint of mango, which is very nice.

I chose the color 06 peach. Once again I was a bit disappointed by color labeling. The same as with Etude House's fresh cherry tint (review here) peach is not really peach but rather a pinkish shade.

This time I do not mind that much because I like the actual color.

bare lips
lipstick applied
The lipstick is really creamy and feels moisturizing. It is really easy to apply because it just slides on.
But since it's so creamy it's also easy to wear off. The color doesn't survive a meal and you have to reapply it a few times during the day.
Also, it can accentuate the dry patches on your lips so make sure you moisturize and exfoliate your lips properly.

All in all, I'm quite happy with this lipstick. It may not have the greatest lasting power but it feels really nice and the color is perfect for spring.

You can get them at roseroseshop for around 9 Dollar or on Jolse for around 14 Dollar.

Pros: nice packaging, creamy, easy application, moisturizing

Cons: doesn't last that long, can accentuate dry patches

Overall: 4/5


  1. You had me at Mango. This looks so amazing. Such a shame that my lips are really dry and I don't like my colour to rub off too easily. So pretty on your lips though!

    1. Thanks for the comment =D
      Mangoes are my favourite fruits, so I had to like the product XD But it is truly sad, it sticks to the dry patches. I mainly use it on days when my lips aren't so dry and then it's okay. But sometimes I apply it, it looks horrible and I have to switch to another lip produt -.-

  2. I agree! I love that it accentuate my dry patches on my lips but I do notice that everytime after I use this lipstick I get cracked lips haha. So I have to push myself to exfoliate my lips often. It does smell really lovely tho!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment :D
      Yeah, normally accentuating dry patches would be a no-go for me but I like everything else about the product so I don't mind too much.